Hot Foil Stamp Set Preview – Texture Tiles

Another quick look at the new range of products that I will be sharing on Friday of this week.

This time, the texture tile hotfoil stamps.

Original I designed these as regular rubber stamps but when asked to create some hot foil designs for Couture Creations I thought that they would be a perfect addition to the collection.

Texture tiles are small – approx 1 inch – tiles featuring a pattern that can be hot foiled onto a pre-cut shape, die cut or scrap of cardstock for some instant pizazz.

There are nine designs in all.

Here is an example of how I applied them to a diecut floral design before rolling into the flower design.

See how it adds that touch of luxury?

Ok, here’s another one where I have hotfoiled the design onto the card before die cutting the shape out.

Here they are in place on a card using one of the cut foil and emboss dies too.

I think that you get the concept now but just as a final creative twist, how about using them to tart up some old or cheapo ribbon?

Pretty good idea, right?

Anyway, pop back tomorrow and I will tell you how you will be able to get hold of all of the things that I have been blabbing about for the last few weeks.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Hot Foil Stamp Set Preview – Texture Tiles

  1. Looks awesome John, perhaps they can also make them as stamps. Think that would be double awesome. Thank you for sharing and have a great evening.

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  2. Hi John

    Agreeing with Margaret lol I haven’t spent my birthday money yet so I’ll have a bit to spend (yay!) Love these, I love adding extra pattern and texture to die cuts and one of my favourite techniques is tiling small dies to make a background.

    Found the show on the Sky box yesterday. Set to record! Lucky for me I have an early call that morning with time after to feed dog and pop him in the garden. Will be ready at 11am with a coffee and my tablet charged, browser open on C & C 😁 only 2 days to go 👍👍👍

    big hugs, hope everyone is ok, T x

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