Jennie Rayment Launches New Patchwork, Quilting and Applique Online Learning Series via Craft Academy – Exclusive Discount Available!

November 14, 2018 — 3 Comments

As you may have discovered a long time ago I have been a big fan of patchwork and quilting – despite it not making a huge dent in this blog. Indeed, I even wrote a whole blog post about some of the shows that I had worked on at Create and Craft TV back in 2013.

Well, the possibilities with online learning have moved on quickly since then and therefore I was super excited to receive a special invite to check out Jennie Rayment’s new course that has recently been released via Craft Academy.

FYI, make sure to read to the end of the post as I am going to let you know how to save money on this course!

For anyone that doesn’t know Jennie, she’s been involved in stitchery for donkey’s years and therefore knows her onions when it comes to all manner of stitch wizardry. I have worked with her on many occasions and also laughed our hearts out at various shows around the country – a charming and smart lady indeed.

Anyway, back to the point.

I got an email the other day asking if I would like to check out Jennie’s new course. Of course, I said yes!

After quickly signing up, which was very easy, I clicked on the course icon and joined.

A confirmation link click was needed before I could access the course but as I was at the computer already, that was done in second.

Hmmm, do I just dive in anywhere or start from the beginning like a good pupil…?

Now, I do have a bit of experience but I decided to dive into the intro section anyway, you know, just to check it out.

*gets pen and notepad ready for tip scribbling.

Coo-ee Jennie – *waves at screen.

No, seriously, I did that, LOL! Glad I was on my own. Fool.

Anyhoo, Jennie was VERY thorough and well spoken and there were NO ads or interruptions – *happy sigh – you know what I mean, right? ;)

It’s been a very stressful week so far, however, I soon started to relax and become absorbed in what Jennie was saying.

Now, I am easily distracted so, when the post arrived I ended up leaving this playing and making a brew and a phone call and a … well, you get the idea. It was therefore awesome when I got back to the computer and could rewind to where I last remembered being. Phew!

Think I might need a bowl of snacks while I watch more …

I’m probs being a bit naughty by sharing these screenshots, however, I wanted to show you some so that you could check out the quality of production.

I think you’ll agree, pretty spot on!

Oh, mind you, I’ve just found a video preview – what am I like – so you can even watch what it’s like!

I’m impressed. What do you think?

Right, I’ve got over 3 more hours to watch so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get up close and personal with Jennie.

Stop giggling you naughties.

Oh! Nearly forgot! The link and the discount!

Right, if you’d like to check this out for yourself, please head over to Craft Academy.

If you choose to sign up, please enter code TEACH33 during checkout and you will receive a £20 discount, reducing the course to just £39.99.

I’m told there will be more courses being uploaded towards the end of the month so if you aren’t a stitcher, keep hold of these details and keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my waffle and I’ll see you soon for more random craft related stuff.

Bye for now.

J :)

3 responses to Jennie Rayment Launches New Patchwork, Quilting and Applique Online Learning Series via Craft Academy – Exclusive Discount Available!


    Thank you John.

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    Thank for sharing John. I like the idea but no sure I can afford it. I’m lucky enough to go to a weekly quilting group. Jenny xx

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    Thank you John, have just signed up :)

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