Australia Bound in 2019

November 11, 2018 — 33 Comments

Well, if you follow my Facebook feed you will likely have seen that I was recently accepted onto the design team for Couture Creations.

An exciting secret that was recently revealed was that as part of this appointment I have been invited to the second Creative Inspiration event in Brisbane, Australia, in March of 2019!

Am I excited? Heck yeah!

Am I nervous? Heck yeah!

Am I grateful? Heck yeah!

FYI, there were a whole host of other emotions but I won’t bore you with the ‘heck yeah’ to all of those.

Why nervous though? Well, hosting a workshop for over 200 eager crafters for one, LOL!

I have no doubt that it will be awesome and am therefore riding the wave of excitement rather than letting the nerves get the better of me.

Knowing that I will have the company of some of my fellow design team members, the gang from Couture Creations and a whole bunch of other craft retailers will help settle the butterflies for sure.

Anyway, if you are in the area, it would be good to have your company, but what to expect? In short, two FULL days of crafting, inspiration, shopping, goodies, sneak peeks and more!

Something genuinely exciting is that the team from Couture Creations will be launching gorgeous NEW Couture Creations collections and products exclusively at the event and every attendee will receive not only a generous kit filled with products to create all SIX class projects you will also receive a BONUS GoPress and Foil machine on the day!!

Would you like to come? You can find out more and secure your place here. Be warned, registration is already open and filling fast! Last year the event sold out in under 48 hours.

Anyway, so begins the build-up to what is looking like a super busy start to 2019 – keep your eyes peeled for more international shenanigans and updates on this event as I plan to blog this journey as I did with my wee tour of the UK.

Right, I’d best get my best thinking cap out of the wardrobe and start planning!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you again soon!

Much love.

J :)

33 responses to Australia Bound in 2019


    Congratulations thoroughly deserved. Hope you have a fabulous time and also some ‘you time’ to enjoy the scenery and culture, enjoy x

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    Congrats and fantastic job!
    Any chance of visiting Melbourne, Victoria?
    Maybe do a workshop or two 😊

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    How fab for you – and lucky for them. Have a great time.

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    Fab John do you need someone to carry your case?Janet



    Congratulations John. Have a great time.

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    Many congratulations John on this most exciting news. No-one deserves it more and it is really a wonderful acknowledgement of your many talents.

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    Fantastic news John you will brilliant as always, a lovely country I was there 2 years ago visiting family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed it and there is a lot of crafters out there.

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    Hi John

    Wow, that sounds really exciting, you lucky, lucky thing you! Nah, not luck… Well earned. You are, without doubt, one of the most popular demonstrators in UK craft land and the only problem will be us getting you back from those Aussies!

    My friend was in Oz in the last year at an international Powerlifting event. Her time there went like this, Bronze medal= great. Cuddling a koala= better!

    Whether it’s stocking up on stash, making new friends or cuddling koalas have an awesome time, something to really look forward to (and it’ll be a damn sight warmer than Scotland in March!)

    Hope everyone is doing well, mentally & physically xxx

    Hugs, T xxx

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    Congratulations, John!

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    Congratulations! Hope you enjoy every minute of your adventure. Liz X

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    Fantastic adventure ahead John.Well done on being selected. Great to have such an exciting start to 2019. Please come back though😜x

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    Great news John, You’ll Be brilliant :)

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    Georgina Horobin November 11, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Fantastic news John. I cannot wait to see posts and pictures. I am looking for to seeing you in your hat with corks or crafty items on x

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    Wow..congratulations what an experience to be offered……you will enjoy every minute I am sure and bring back lots of stories for your blog….

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    Incredibly John and so well derserved. That is an awesome good start of a new year. 🤗❤️

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    Congratulations John. Would LOVE to be there. You’ll be brilliant. I’m sure the nerves will be taken over by the excitement of it all. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Will look forward to the blog updates. x

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    Margaret McCormack November 11, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Lucky Aussie Crafters. Wish I could be there. Above all John, have fun and enjoy yourself x

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    WAHOO! How incredible! Oh wow! Koo just think of the stuff you will be able feast your eyes on to feed your creative appetite in your ‘down’ time ahem.
    It will be amazing… and so will you.

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    How exciting for you John. I wish I could be there!

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    Congratulations, John and I am sure you will have a very memorable time!

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    Shame you’re not there a bit earlier, I’ll be in Brisbane in January and February. Enjoy Australia xx

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    Wow John that’s fantastic. Hope you have a great time down under Xx

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    Well done John. Have a great time.

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    Any chance to include Perth in the visit

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    Good on you John go for it. x

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    Wow, what an amazing opportunity. You will be amazing John. Well done. #jealous

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    Well done ,you deserve this,have a great time just enjoy it and be yourself.

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    You deserve it John, and I think it is going to be a wonderful year for you. xx

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    Thats such good news you really do deserve it.

    Claire x

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    You will have a Fabulous time. The nerves will be overtaken by excitement. What you get from this amazing adventure – we will benefit too, because you will share with us. Win Win. Well done.



    How amazing is this! You just need to go be your awesome self ❤️ Those Aussie Crafters are in for a treat!
    Julie xx

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