Craft Saver Deals 6 – Top Ten Best Sellers with EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT!

October 16, 2018 — Leave a comment

Hey! So happy to let you know that I have managed to wangle you guys some exclusive discounts on some top selling craft goodies!

To find out what and from who, read on!

Yas! You read it right, an EXCLUSIVE discount. This discount is only available to readers of my blog! How cool is that?!

Just before I share the details of this week’s Craft Saver Deal, please make sure that you are subscribed to this blog, my facebook page or my twitter feed to receive notice of any future exclusive offers. Also, if you would be so kind, please do use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post to let other people know about these great deals. Many thanks!

*Note - This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small fee if you choose to purchase through one of these links, without any extra cost to you.

Ok, first up a little background to this special discount. This week I got contacted by the lovely folk at Craft Stash and here is how the chat went.

  • CS – Hi John
  • Me – Yo.
  • CS – We’d like to offer readers of your blog a special discount.
  • Me – Really?!
  • CS – Yes.
  • Me – Awesome! Thanks!
  • CS – You’re welcome. Now, what would you like the discount to be on?
  • Me – Errrrrrrrmm…..?
  • CS – How about the best sellers?
  • Me – You mean the stuff that’s the most popular and not some rubbish from the back of the warehouse?
  • CS – Yes.
  • Me – Really?!
  • CS – Yes.
  • Me – Yes please :)
  • CS – Ok, done.
  • Me – Wait, what?
  • CS – All sorted. Discount code available for the next week, just for your readers on the top ten best selling products from our website.
  • Me – Eek and also YAAAAAAY! Also, thank you!

*scurries away to write the blog post that you are now reading. Ooo, you can tell that Doctor Who is back on as I’m all time twisted.

If you would like more details about any of the things that I am about to show you, please either click on the link or the product image and you will be magically whisked over to the relevant interweb page but don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how to get your exclusive discount! That is after all the important bit!

Right, I know, I’m waffling with giddiness so I should shut up and let you know the top ten best sellers plus how to get your discount.

Ok, time for the top ten list. I’ll do these in reverse order like it’s top of the pops!

In at number 10 – Apple Blossom Festive Sentiments A6 Stamp Set

Moving up to number 9 – Apple Blossom THAT All Occasion Embossing Folder & Stamp Set

Straight in at number 8 – Creative Mehndi Die & Stamp Set Complete Collection

A mover and a shaker at 7 – Card Making Magic 6in x 6in Panel Die Snowflake Christmas Collection by Christina Griffiths

Rocking your crafty socks at 6 – Card Making Magic Die Set Complete 5in x 7in Card & Box Set of 16 by Christina Griffiths

Blasting the subwoofer at 5 – Apple Blossom Magazine & Kit 3

Jiving in at number 4 – Simply Made Crafts Die Set Flexible Gift Bag

Proving that 3 is the magic number is – Card Making Magic Christmas Treats A6 stamp set

Body popping its way into number 2 is – Card Making Magic Die Set Complete Card & Box Set by Christina Griffiths

and finally, hitting the high notes at number 1 is – Tonic Studios Gift Box Terrarium Die Set

Nice selection there!

Ok, now, how about those discounts.

The generous folk at Craft Stash are offering three EXCLUSIVE different codes for you to use. Just enter the relevant code during checkout for your discount to apply.

Code 1 – GCRAFTER10 – Spend over £30 and get 10% off.
Code 2 – GCRAFTER15 – Spend over £40 and get 15% off.
Code 3 – GCRAFTER20 – Spend over £50 and get 20% off.

Don’t forget the Craft Stash offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ AND Free UK delivery on orders over £15, which if you’re taking one of these offers, will be yours automatically.

Now, top tens change, as do offers and therefore these codes will only be valid up to and including 23rd October 2018 so if you fancy it, best get browsing asap.

If you choose to take advantage of this offer, happy shopping! If not, do pop back next week and see what I have managed to gather up for you.

Right, back to work for me.

Bye for now!

J :)

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