New Time For Tea Digi Craft Set On Digital Craft Emporium PLUS Free SVG and DXF Cutting Files

August 3, 2018 — 4 Comments

Lots of talk of tea lately so, therefore, I thought that it would make this week’s design set all about the lovely amber brew.

Really proud of this one. There are a total of 22 cutting files included for subscribers; more if you are on the Craft or Create levels.

Time For Tea Cutting File Collection Preview

Another reason that I am proud of my designs is that I design FOR cutting machines. A lot of designers will just design SVGs and leave it at that but they don’t take into account the stresses and strains that your machine goes through in order to cut things out. Accute corners can even snap blades!

Here is an illustration of how I am aiming to save you money by reducing the wear and tear on your blades by providing a smooth path for the blade to follow, even in tight corners.

Cutting Machine Friendly Designs

Existing subscribers can now log in and download their sets. Those of you that prefer the free Cheeky Weekly set can also head over to the website and download the free cutting files now.

If you are not already a subscriber, why not support an independent designer and get yourself some unique and creative goodies in return? To see what plans are available – and they are proper cheap – please head over to

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you here at same craft time on the same craft blog for goodies next week!

Take care of yourself.

Bye for now.

J :)

4 responses to New Time For Tea Digi Craft Set On Digital Craft Emporium PLUS Free SVG and DXF Cutting Files


    Hi John, Love the designs. I’ve tried to log into your website but its not having it. I’ve tried both new & old email addresses but the site won’t recognise them. Please can you help?



    Good thinking John thank you x

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    Looks great John and thank you that you are so thoughtful to design FOR the machines and not just a file to cut. I think you always can be proud of yourself for everything you post here to share or download for us, I give you a big hug for it!

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