New Art Deco Digi Craft Set On Digital Craft Emporium PLUS Free SVG and DXF Cutting Files

July 6, 2018 — 9 Comments

More changes are afoot and more files have now been released! It all goes on over at Digital Craft Emporium, doesn’t it?

As you may have seen the other week I relaunched my digi craft website and with this have also changed the way that I offer up free cutting files. This means that they will be more frequent – weekly in fact!

They will also coincide with the release of the main digi file sets available to subscribers, which come out at the end of each week.

With this in mind, I am excited to announce the release of this week’s Art Deco-inspired digi crafting pack featuring various cutting files including two unique and exclusive pre-formatted project sets, digi stamps and digi papers.


Existing subscribers can now log in and download their sets. Those of you that prefer the free Cheeky Weekly set can also head over to the website and download the free cutting files now.

If you are not already a subscriber, why not support an independent designer and get yourself some unique and creative goodies in return? To see what plans are available – and they are proper cheap – please head over to

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you here at same craft time on the same craft blog for goodies next week!

Take care of yourself.

Bye for now.

J :)

9 responses to New Art Deco Digi Craft Set On Digital Craft Emporium PLUS Free SVG and DXF Cutting Files


    I’ve been trying to Register for the last 15 minutes to no avail. Just keeps telling me ‘Error’ and I’m fed up of going round in circles.

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    John I would very much like to purchase the big ass anniversary bundle, but I think you said it was now unavailable, so why is it still on these messages about your new site…are you tormenting us ( ha ha ) …I have only just found out about this brilliant set…why is it discontinued please, if it is a download. Hope to hear from you soon John…I have just been to book on your course at inspirations but I can only go on the Saturday and that’s too advanced for me…..shame xx

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    Hey John. I’m not sure if there’s a problem or if it’s just me. I logged on to the site and tried the ‘Cheeky Weekly’ button. All I got was a new tab with some webspeak code including a ‘permission denied’ text string. Let me know if you want me to copy it all and pop in in an email to you! Clare x


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