New MDF Kits (designed by yours truly) Now Available! :)

May 30, 2018 — 11 Comments

Well excited this morning! As you may have seen from previous posts I have been designing and decorating various MDF bits and bobs. Since then many of you have messaged me and asked when and where they can be snaffled from.

First, thanks! Second today, after much deliberation, collaboration and organisation, I am happy to announce that here and now is the answer to that question!


Here is a quick pic of one of the kits that I decorated a while ago, as detailed in this blog post, and some of the new kits that are also available.

MDF KIT 900x900 Split

Ok, sorry, I’ll stop babbling and let you know more.

There are going to be a few kits available today with more coming over the next few weeks, so worth having a look and bookmarking my new online kit shop if you fancy being kept in the loop.

These first kits are fairly simple but have a lot of creative potential for those that love to spend the time decorating their creations. You can cover them in paper or cardstock – you can also download printable templates for cutting the paper to fit if you don’t want to spend time measuring – or you can paint them and use lots of mixed media techniques.

The choice is yours!

Ok, here is a quick rundown of the kits that will be available from today.

Altered Art Book Box

This is an awesome project for creating altered art, mixed media creations or a commemorative piece.

This is supplied as a set of two kits so you can create one for you and one for a friend if you would like to.

Get a set of 2 altered art book box MDF kits by visiting my new online shop.

Shadow Box Frame

Next, it is time for a little home decor. With a set of THREE box frames, you can even go one better and create one for the home, one for the office and one as a gift!

The frames are approximately 5-inch square with a 3-inch aperture. The aperture is approximately one inch deep.

Again, there is lots of surface area to decorate in any way you want.

I have also added a unique dual-purpose back panel that acts as either hanging holes so that you can attach this to a wall or, by turning it on its head, you can use this as a stand!

I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what you make with these…

You can get a set of 3 shadow box frame MDF kits by visiting my new online shop.

Hinged Photo Frame

This one has fast become my personal favourite. Why? Because it inspires so many ideas.

With an integral hinge and latch it can act as a storage item, secret keepsake book, photo frame – literally, a whole host of projects can come from this set. Your only limitation is your imagination.

When assembled this is just over A6 in size and can, therefore, be decorated with many different brands of paper or cardstock, alternatively, you can also paint and decorate with all sorts of mediums.

Above you will see just a couple of ideas that I have created with this set – I hope to see what you make in the future too!

You can get a hinged photo frame MDF kit by visiting my new online shop.


So those are the kits that I am releasing today. What do you think? Are these the sort of things that you would like to make – if so, how would you decorate them?

Here are a couple of other things that you might like to know:

  • These items are cut to order by a company that have been making awesome MDF kits for some time now so you can be assured of the quality.
  • Postage is very good at just £4.95 per order to anywhere in the United Kingdom (sadly I cannot ship internationally at this time) for up to 20KG of stuff. To give you an idea of what that equates to, you’d need a mix of around 50 kits in your basket before you reached that limit!

Anyway, I’d best wrap up here and let you get on with your day.

Many thanks for stopping by and sharing this incredible moment with me.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

J ;)

11 responses to New MDF Kits (designed by yours truly) Now Available! :)


    Congratulations, very pleased for you and wishing you good success and happiness with your latest adventure.

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    These look brilliant. Hope everything works out for you.

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    Wahoo! Get you!
    Great stuff..millionairedom looms…well 2× 50p to rub together for a while… will hopefully keep you in ahem healthy biccies : )

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    Congratulations John with your new shop! Thanks for all those great idea’s you want to share with us.

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    Congratulations John on your new venture! I have to compliment you on the logo. It’s brilliant and tells you everything you need to know.
    I hope you do well and that it becomes something you can draw both salary and contentment from.
    Aim for contentment and everything else will fall into place. ;)

    Sending much l <3 ve ~ Cobs. xxx

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    Well done John!

    My circumstances don’t allow me play things at present but soon as that changes I’m in! In the meantime will share XXX

    Hugs T x

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    Handmade By Deborah May 30, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Love these John – genius idea with the shadow box back; will definitely be purchasing at least one of these today and will be back for more soon :D

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    John they are a stroke of genius, love them love them love them. Thankyou

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    Woohoo are going to have a lot of happy customers..I am patiently waiting for the SnC stand to appear in your shop..Thank you for all your help and info..xx

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