Scan N Cut Saturday – 5 Best Places To Buy Scan N Cut Accessories

In need of accessories, replacements blade or mats for your Brother Scan N Cut? Don’t panic, I am about to save you some leg work and list some of the best places to get your bits and bobs sorted, and why!

Predominantly based on UK retailers most of these brands will either ship to overseas locations or have an overseas version of their online store so hopefully, this list should be a worthwhile poke for everyone.

By the way, don’t forget that I have a whole bunch of info already out there. Here’s a couple of links in case you’ve not seen this stuff before.

Ok, back to the job in hand, let’s make a start.

Create & Craft TV

I have listed this one as my top shopping location because of a variety of factors. Not only do they supply a large – if not all – of the accessories but they are often first to have them in the UK. Add to that the discount available for club members, loyalty point rewards, worldwide shipping and actual demonstrations of the kits – it just made total sense.

Create & Craft have a UK and a US website and also offer flat rate, per order, shipping to many other countries including Canada and Australia.

To see the range and place an order, just head over to their website now by clicking the banner below.


Based in Leon, Spain, Crafelier are a supplier of a variety of arts and crafts products. They have been supplying Brother Scan N Cut accessories and are quick to ship to the UK. In addition to their own website, on which many prices are often reduced, they ship via Amazon too meaning that Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of priority shipping options.



Oddly, given its size and geographical coverage, I did not put this option first. This was because although they have a good range of accessories from a variety of worldwide suppliers, there just wasn’t much more to offer than your average shopping experience.

Yes, you may find a bargain, yes, you will get it as quick as you want it, yes you will get your product. Beyond that, meh.



Artistix (on Amazon)

Third party supplier of sticky mats. Not tested these personally but have heard good things from others.


Sewing Supply Warehouse

This is one that I have used myself. Don’t be put off by the poorly designed website, they were actually very good processing my order quickly and efficiently.

One plus is that they sometimes have new accessories in stock before the UK has them available or stock items that are available in the US but not the UK, such as Brother brand self-adhesive vinyl roll, iron-on glitter transfer sheets and replacement stylus tools.

The drawback, for UK customers, international shipping starts at $33.99 – about £25 – and you may also end up paying import/royal mail international handling fees oon arrival into the UK. Definitely not one for your everyday shopping needs if based in the UK but most definitely worth a look if you are in the US.


This one is for my Australian friends. They do not ship outside of Australia.

They have a dedicated section on their website for Scan N Cut accessories and offer other great items from various other sewing brands.


If you know of others, please do drop me a message – please note that I check ALL links in comments so don’t go spamming me with unrelated rubbish, please.

Hope this list helps in your hunt for those little extras.

Back next week with more tips. If there is anything that you would like to know, just drop me a message or leave a comment below and I will add it to the to-do list.

Bye for now.

J :)

6 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – 5 Best Places To Buy Scan N Cut Accessories

  1. Thanks for the info, John. I use Artistix cutting mats all the time now. They are thicker than the Brother mats so less prone to cutting through if you make a mistake with blade depth, stickier – in a good way and the tackiness lasts longer. I have also cleaned and retacked two of my Artistix mats with Pinflair Repositionable Stencil glue and had brilliant results. They are much cheaper than the Brother one’s too. All in all a great product. :D

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  2. I can vouch for the Artistix mats, brilliant! Slightly thicker and therefore you need to double check your blade settings, but being a little stiffer too, I think that, and whatever “tack” they use, makes cutting much easier. The “tack” lasts so much longer as well. I see they also do the long mats, although I haven’t tried those yet. You need to be sure to order the right one, as they all look the same. Well worth a try!


  3. Very helpful John as always. I recently had to replace the power pack for my Scan N Cut 600 and found it difficult to find a supplier. Eventually I was contacted by Brother to inform me that BSK supplies the product. Hope this is useful information.

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  4. Create and craft tv may be good for supplies, but postage to Ireland is 10 pounds, then you have to convert it to Euro which makes it very expensive, even with the changeover 2.99 postage does not add up to 10.00.

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