New Digi Craft Set – Includes Digital Cutting Files And Digital Images

October 22, 2017 — 10 Comments

Hallo you. Hope you are well?

I’ve been working hard on various things this week and in that assortment of business have created a new digi craft set that I think you will love.

This pack features three floral frames, each in two styles.

Various file formats are included also, ensuring that whether you create digitally with My Craft Studio or Digital Craft Artist, or whether you cut things with an electronic cutting machine – you will be able to make use of this affordable pack of goodies.

You can see more info over at if you would like this set.

These files are very easy to use.

For me, and the Brother Scan N Cut that I have, I just import them from my computer into canvas …

… then send them via WiFi link to the Scan N Cut, which was living in the kitchen this week as I’ve no space left in the craft room.

Floral Frames Digital Cutting Files Blog (1)

Then, when it had finished cutting I lifted the frames gently from the mat …

Floral Frames Digital Cutting Files Blog (2)

… shaped the floral parts of the design …

Floral Frames Digital Cutting Files Blog (1)

… and then stuck it onto what will be a card – when I get around to making it that is, lol).

Anyway, if you like what you see, do head over to and grab your set today.

Many thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

J :)

10 responses to New Digi Craft Set – Includes Digital Cutting Files And Digital Images


    Beatiful frame John, you make the world look everytime a little bit prettier.

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    Lovely. I am having a hard time getting freebies. Password not working. Could be because I’m using iPad?

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    This is a lovely, useful die and can be used in several ways by cutting it at strategic points…but having had my SnC nearly 4 yrs I just know it won’t cut this level of intricacy…just straight or round for me!! Otherwise my craft room would be full of your dies…Anni

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    thank you. This is beautiful.

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    HI John finally bit the bullet and have ordered a few of your wonderful cutting files. I’ve had a scan n cut for a while now but haven’t done much with it……now its Carpe Diem and I’m going to be very busy! Thanks for your great input into all things crafty. Karen x

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    Great Job John. xxx

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    A wonderful Digi craft set John. Well done and thankyou very much. Xx

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    Ooh more freebie loveliness…and yes i am feeling better thanks. Think the breeze here in the North is chasing the cobwebs away : )

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