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A Beginners Guide To Sure Cuts A Lot

Over the last few years I have been asked about alternative design software for electronic cutting machines and have in turn tried out a fair few so decided that I would create a series of videos to highlight some of the best ones that I have found.

This first series of videos focuses on Sure Cuts A Lot.

Sure Cuts A Lot

Sure Cuts A Lot, or SCAL for short, is an extremely easy program to allow you to cut virtually any shape with your electronic cutting machines.

That, together with the combination of using your fonts, importing custom artwork and drawing your own shapes, the possibilities are endless!

SCAL is directly compatible with a range of home hobby cutting machines and with others supported via exported files the list of compatible machines is quite extensive. This makes it a truly versatile piece of software.

To give you an idea, here is a short list of just some of the machines that can be used in conjunction with this software.

  • Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™
  • BossKut Gazelle™
  • Brother ScanNCut™ (export as FCM compatible files only) *
  • Craftwell eCraft™
  • CraftRobo/Graphtec™
  • Cricut Explore™ (export as SVG to upload into Design Space only) *
  • GCC™
  • Foison™
  • i-Craft™
  • Janome Artistic Edge™
  • KNK™
  • Liyu™
  • MyDigiDi™
  • Pazzles Inspiration/Pro/Vue™
  • Ramtin™
  • Roland™
  • Seiki™
  • Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait/Curio™
  • Silver Bullet™
  • USCutter Copam/LaserPoint/MH/PCUT/SC/TC/TITAN™
  • Vinyl Express™
  • Wishblade™
  • and more!

Did you even know that there were that many brands of machine on the market?!

If after watching this series of videos you would like to get a copy of this software then please do head on over to where you will be able to buy and download it for immediate use.

Also, if you found these videos useful then please do subscribe to my YouTube channel for more hints, tips and tutorials and of course do use the handy social sharing links at the end of this blog post to let your friends know about it too.

Right, if you are ready, here are the first 8 videos in this series.

If you have any further questions, please do use the comments section below or leave a comment on the relevant YouTube video page.

Thanks for watching!

J :)

22 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide To Sure Cuts A Lot

  1. Would love to see you do an in depth video on layering vinyl using scal. I just cannot get the hang of the layers over on the side of the program…ugh! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

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  2. I have Artistic Edge 15 cutter. My Artistic Edge Cutter does not show up in the list of cutters in SCAL 4 pro version 4.010. How could I add the cutter since I am used to the SCL4Pro?


  3. Hi John, Only just heard of this software, just watched your videos, now think I’ll go for it, you are an amazing teacher, very clear instruction with a soothing tone, looking forward to more of these…Thank you John.

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  4. Hi John. I am getting back into my SNC having had it a while and not using it much. I have started using the draw function and done some vinyl work. Someone has recommended SCAL for rhinestone designs after I questioned the value of the rhinestone starter kit.I have barely scratched the surface with Canvas though. I do not sell my makes but like things that work well. What do you think? Is Scal worth a punt?

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      • Thank you for the speedy reply! I think I will give Scal a go then. Take your point about the rhinestone costs too. I have just bought the Embossing starter kit so have that to get to grips with first anyway. Thanks for all you do; really helpful. I like your digital products too so keep ’em coming!

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  5. I love this software and am flabbergasted at how many cutting machines there are! WOW! Thanks for all your videos and designs!! I even get to catch you on Create and Craft on occasion!

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  6. Thank you for your generosity & a wonderful clear, organized & friendly intro and walk through SCAL4. I have been using this for some time and your walk through just tied everything together… a real time saver! I introduce you and send others your way on a regular basis… you are greatly appreciated!

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  7. Thanks for sharing these John – so useful.
    I have been looking for something to replace my Graphtec DesignMaster software which doesn’t work on Windows 10. The silhouette software doesn’t have the text handling options I like. Boy this looks good. Is the version you are demo-ing V4 or V4 professional?
    Thanks, Clare x

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