Scan It Saturday 5 - Using The Golden Ration To Design Spirals In Scan N Cut Canvas

Scan It Saturday 5 – Using The Golden Ratio To Design Spirals In Scan N Cut Canvas

This week I though that it would be cool to use the golden ratio principles to help create spirals in Scan N Cut Canvas.

The video will talk you through what the golden ratio is, how to apply it to a spiral and use the path tools to create one and then move you through design ideas for using that spiral.

Basically, park your butt and get watching.

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Microsoft 3D Builder

3D Thursday 5 – An Overview of Microsoft 3D Builder

Watcha me old muckas. Bit of a quickie bonus post for the 3D Thursday series today as I keep harping on about these free 3D design software programs and never really getting you the chance to show them.

For that there reason I have cobbled together a quick video to show you the super simple Microsoft 3D builder program in the hope that it dispells the myth that design for 3D printing has to involve complex and really hard to master software.

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