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Doodle Journal 2

Woohoo! Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of doodling again this week so that means that I have page 2 from my Doodle Journal ready to share.


Ok, this one started out by using two stencils to trace out a pair of stags against an animal fur pattern.

The pen of choice for the outlines this time was a Staedtler Tiplus Fineliner. Nice hard tip, smooth flow of colour. Perfect for edges.

Doodle Journal

Sticking with that pen I begin to fill with pattern.

The stags got a circular microbe type pattern and the fur patches, is it Zebra?, got a straight line effect. Gives them distinction from each other I think.

Doodle Journal

To add some detail to the background I selected a light grey Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and popped in some dots and crosses.

Doodle Journal

Back to the old Zig Clean Color Real Brush grey pen for some shading – which ended up being way more than I had first thought.

Doodle Journal

Hmmm, almost there. Just needs something a little more …

*rummages through pencil case for gold gel pen*

Doodle Journal

Bingo! Looks like the stags are made of gold coins or sequins or something, lol!

Bit more shading – around the stags this time. Zig pen again here.

Also brought out a black zig brush pen and outlined the stags and added some extra detail to their antlers.

Used an old dried out marker to add a distressed looked border to the outer edge too – and I think that we are done…!

Doodle Journal

Yup. Like it.

Doodle Journal

Almost looks at first glance like I drew this on a book page!

Doodle Journal

Right! Page 2 done! Woohoo!

Do you like it? Something cool to have a go at isn’t it? I’m really enjoying this – less trepidation about using the journal now and excited to see what I shall do next.

Thanks for stopping by. Will catch you again soon.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Doodle Journal 2

  1. Well done John! Love the end result – wasn’t too sure at the beginning! The background looks like trees. The gold bring out the deer. Thanks for sharing.


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