Cathedral Window Cutting File Collection – DXF, FCM and SVG File Formats Included

January 13, 2017 — 6 Comments

Over the years I have always looked at Cathdral windows and wondered at their skill and craftsmanship. It is no wonder therefore that I turned to this style for the latest collection for designs that I have just uploaded to

Fancy a look at what’s available?

Well, I’d be happy to oblige!

Here they are …

Neat eh?

Each file set comes with a top layer and then three alternative back layers AND a shaped card to match!

As usual the three file types are included.

They are …

SVG -This is an image file type that can also be used by most home hobby cutting ma­chines. Some machines will require the file to be converted in external software before it can be used for cutting. It can also be used as an image file as it increases in size without losing quality of definition.
DXF -A vector based file type that can be used be most home hobby cutting machines. In particular this file type can be used with the Silhouette range of cutting machines in their free software. It can also be used in the majority of CAD software if you are super clever.
FCM -A cutting file type only compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut.

Oh, and of course the standard full angel policy applies so you can make money back on your investment.

Fancy getting your set? Well, you can buy them INDIVIDUALLY for £1 per set or grab the SAVER DEAL and get all nine sets for just £4.50 – that’s half price!

Right, glad to have been able to get some designing done.

I’ll try again soon however the All Counties Challenge will have be busy for the next couple of weeks so I’ll probs see you then.

Bye for now.

J :)

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6 responses to Cathedral Window Cutting File Collection – DXF, FCM and SVG File Formats Included


    absolutely gorgeous! ty for sharing your hardwork with us.



    What great files. I fancy doing these monochrome. You are so clever. Thanks John



    Hi John

    Have just purchased and downloaded the collection but seem to be having trouble with file (2). All the others are downloading in a zipped file but (2) is just downloading as a single file. I have downloaded twice and the same thing happened both times. I haven’t tried to do anything with it yet, wanted to check with you first.

    I await hearing from you.

    Take care.





    Beautiful John, thank you
    Sioux x x



    They’re really nice John :-)

    Not sure why but when I got the email notification I had visions of a cutting file of a decorated or perpendicular window and got quite excited. Great shapes but then your customer base may well have been me only… The curse of having a very literal mind that retains the most random information and never forgetting the input into said mind from an immensely interesting and inspiring RE teacher some 20 and then some years ago!

    Will pin xxx


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