Please Help! More Venues Needed For The All Counties Challenge

January 7, 2017 — 30 Comments

With just over three months left to go on the All Counties Craft Challenge concern is welling within me that I may not meet the challenge of visiting all 92 historic counties due to a lack of contact from those locations that I have yet to visit.

Is this because there is no interest, no people or that my communication efforts simply aren’t getting through?

Either way I would really appreciate your help.

All Counties Challenge Header

As you can see from this map I am nowhere near covering off the majority of the UK.



In short I still need to complete workshops in all of the following historic counties.

England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
Buckinghamshire Angus Anglesey County Fermanagh
Devon Argyllshire Brecknockshire County Tyrone
Gloucestershire Ayshire Cardiganshire
Huntingdonshire Banffshire Denbighshire
Leicestershire Berwickshire Flintshire
Middlesex Buteshire Merioneth
Norfolk Cromartyshire Monmouthshire
Oxfordshire Dumfriesshire Montgomeryshire
Rutland Dunbartonshire Pembrokeshire
Somerset East Lothian Radnorshire
Staffordshire Kincardineshire
Warwickshire Kinross-shire
Westmorlan Kirkcudbrightshire
West Lothian

Do you live in any of these regions or do you know someone that does? Although this sounds a little like crime watch, I am simply looking to see if there is anyone that is happy to help make the challenge a success.

Please email all enquiries to …

On the bright side the Just Giving total has almost reached £15,000 so I am hopeful that I can reach the £20,000 target by April, which was my main goal.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I do hope that you will share this post and help in any way that you can.

J :)

30 responses to Please Help! More Venues Needed For The All Counties Challenge


    Hi I have emailed you with information for the Staffordshire area.

    Hope it helps



      I would be interested if there was one in Staffordshire providing that it’s not to far from me as it’s a large county.



    I’m in Plymouth Devon.
    I’m sure I can try and find you some place to hold a crafty meet up. I suffer myself will mental illness and crafting is my thing to help keep me sane and I’ve followed your cause and would love to help out where I can
    Happy crafting xx

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    Hi John I was wondering where and when the workshop is in wiltshire.

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    I see that you have arranged Wiltshire. How do I find out where and when???



    Hi John
    I have been trying to think of a way to help. I live in Worcestershire and we have had a visit. I will search on the web for Craft shops in some of the counties on the list and try to contact them and have a chat. I suppose you have done all this before but there’s no harm in trying again.
    X Chris

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    Reblogged this on Catwithoneear's Blog.



    A trip to Bristol would be great…

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    When are you in Scotland we would love to have a class



    Would Derbyshire be on your list John? if so were would be the best place.



    How many people do you need to accommodate in order to make a class worthwhile? I am in Dumfries & Galloway, and so far, not had anywhere near here.



    Hi John,
    I notice that flintshire is on your ‘to do list’ how about contating abakan, they are quite large and may be interested. They have severaal stores and i know they have a classroom at flint;
    Mostyn, North Wales
    You have already been to us in Cheshire
    good luck,

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    Hi John nothing much happens for crafters in Brixham Devon could come here Janet



      Having already arranged a workshop in Devon to which only three people signed up, it’s easy to understand why companies would avoid it but as I am doing this for charity I am trying again and looking for help in finding a more popular location so if you know of one, that would be a great help :)

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    What about Taunton in Sometset. Our county town.



    Hi John
    Noticed you have it now on your list.
    What do we need to do to confirm



    Hi John

    I will share but I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who lives in these areas.

    The only suggestion I have is quite an undertaking… Contact the BBC local radio stations for these areas. Ask if you can appeal on air for craft businesses/ groups/ WI’s etc who’d be interested in hosting a workshop. Forward them the link from your BBC interview, if it’s not still online just the blog post from it may help. I always found local radio to be a fantastic way of getting a message out. Believe BBC website has a list of BBC stations/ areas with their own pages and contact details are on those pages. Social media is great and all but obviously limited to where people live, it’s only widespread if those reading it is widespread. This is the only way I can think of of targeting these areas directly to appeal for interested groups.

    Maybe also try groups on Facebook… Is there a scan n cut owners UK group for example? Can you post on their page appealling for groups/ venues and ask readers for a like and share to get message out there.

    Got a bad head today and only replied as this is quite urgent. If I think of anything I will get back in touch but won’t be until I can read web pages a little easier! Must go and do some sharing before it goes to blurry to read!!!!
    T x



    I looked through your list and cannot find Merseyside.Have you been here or are we not on your map?

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    Hi John – I’ve shared your post to my facebook, as I have friends across the UK and now live in Scotland, although I see you’ve already completed your challenge in Inverness-shire where I live. I will also send PMs to two crafty people who I know in Nairn and the far north of Scotland, to see if anyone can help. Good luck, Susan x

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    Hi John

    I understand that Susan has now been in touch Looking forward to seeing Barmouth, Merioneth (part of Gwynedd) on your list of venues

    Also looking forward to seeing you on the 24th January


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