Mandala Monday Is Here And It’s Free!

Like colouring in? Then you’ll love Mandala Mondays!

Each week a FREE image for you to print and colour in!

I was going to save this until next year, but I couldn’t

Yup, that’s right, each and every Monday I will be posting a FREE download featuring a new mandala design.

Excitedly I’d like to share the first one with you.


Lovely isn’t it?!

To download this image to your computer ready to print out simply right-click on the image and choose either ‘save image as…’ or whatever the equivalent is on your computer. You can also simply click on it to open it full size in your web browser to download however the first way is quicker and easier.

Then, all you need to do is print out and colour!

Fancy a bit of va-va-voom in your wardrobe? Why not print this onto transfer paper and pop it on a t-shirt?!

Fancy a bit of bling on your greetings cards? Why not print it and hot foil it?!

Anyway, whatever you choose to do with it, I hope that you enjoy using it and will email me pics of what you make.

If you know someone that would like to get hold of this image, please share the link to the page rather than the image – I really appreciate the visitors.

Right, there we go, nice and simple and free – don’t forget to ‘tune in’ every week for another free mandala image download.

Colouristas have never had it so good!

See you again soon.

J :)

18 thoughts on “Mandala Monday Is Here And It’s Free!

  1. Thank you John for sharing this. You are so clever, and generous too. Lovely to meet you last Saturday at the NEC & have a chat.

    Carole Morgan

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  2. Hi John. You really are a wonderful human being to share what you have (talent not your dinner) with those of us who wouldn’t even attempt something like this. I will enjoy using it though. Take care and keep warm. Eve x

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  3. Thank you, John. This mandala is beautiful. You are so talented! Did you create this in a computer program? Also, if you coloured this image in for yourself, I would dearly love to see it and the colours you used😊

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    • Yes Sharon, I created this.
      Sadly I won’t have chance over the next few months to colour any for myself as I am busy with the All Counties Challenge.
      Perhaps you’d like to share your colouring of this design with others?
      If so, please feel free to email me a picture.


  4. Thank you, John. What a wonderful idea. I’m so glad you decided not to hold off until next year. I can use some colouring delight in my life right now. Yummy.

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  5. Thank you John. This is such a lovely idea.
    Had to reset my WordPress password to leave this comment…you may not hear from me for some time!


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