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Hey hey, how are you? Ready for your Monday dose of mindfullness?

Fab! Let’s crack open those pens and pencils and chillax.

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Been designing a lot over the last few days so you have TEN new cutting files to choose from and also a saver deal to give you the best value for money!

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Hallo again. I’ve been having another play with MDF decorating techniques and came up with a lovely little project that I believe  you will like.

It did however go bottom up and nearly ended up flying across the room.

Ready for a reason why ‘less is more’?

Then let’s get started.

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Well hello thar. Now, I often start these blog posts asking if you’ve got your cuppa ready.

Well, thought I, where is mine?!

I decided therefore that if I was going to make my own, I’d jolly we’ll make something lovely to carry it from kitchen to ‘lounge’ on.

So, if you’ve got your cuppa ready, let me tell you more …

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Hallo All. Well, it seems that I’m doing a workshop twice a week at the moment but this week saw an unexpected exception.

After the business of the Surrey weekend I thought that I was going to get some time to catch up however you all saw what happened with Maisy’s tyre so I’ve been trying to catch up with myself since that incident.

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Inkpad Overview

November 23, 2016 — 18 Comments

All inkpads generally have a starting point of either a water, oil or solvent base.

From these three starting points various inclusions are added to give different effects and get different results. Examples of inclusion are colours (dye or pigment) mica, glue and some bases have nothing added.

Finding the right inkpad for the job can therefore be a daunting affair.

To help you understand the difference, I’ve put together an explanation of each base type along with some tips, suggested brands and techniques. Continue Reading…

Hello All.

Managed to fit in a tiny bit of designing this week and am happy to say that I have managed to create five Christmas themed word cutting file packs for you to choose from, or buy all together.

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It has certainly been an exciting and eventful few days on the All Counties Challenge this past week so hopefully that will make for a good diary entry.

Got a cuppa to hand?

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Hey, do you remember rub-ons? Me too!

After being given a goodie bag recently, and having had a rummage, I found a wonderful set with which I knew exactly what to do.

Read on chums and I’ll tell ya about it.

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Ready for your Monday dose of mindfullness?

Great! I have another wonderful design ready for you to print and colour.

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