HELP! All Counties Craft Challenge – Workshop Venues Urgently Needed!

October 4, 2016 — 14 Comments

This is a massive request/favour or whatever you want to call it.

I am desperately in need of suitable venues for workshops for the remaining counties in the All Counties Craft Challenge.

As you can see from this map I am making good progress however my network does not appear to reach into all corners of the UK…


What venues are suitable?

  • Village Halls
  • Local Craft Shops
  • Craft Groups where you already have a venue that you use
  • Back room in a restaurant or cafe that has been made into a meeting room.
  • Hotel function rooms

My goal, in order to raise as much money for the charity as possible, is to get the use of these venues for free or at a very reduced cost. I don’t mind bringing biscuits tea and coffee etc but I don’t have the budget for high end luxury venues and don’t want all of the attendance fees to be swallowed up by the hire costs.

In fact, the only unsuitable places for group workshops are peoples homes; it’s an insurance thing.

Where Are Venues Needed?

You’ll see from the map above that there are a quite a few counties not yet covered, if you can’t quite see the image, click on it and it should open up for you to zoom around.

How can you help? 

If you have a suitable venue in one of the remaining counties shown above, PLEASE get in touch via

If you don’t, please share this blog post across all social networks and talk to your fellow crafters and local craft shops. Simply, free and a massive help! :)

In short, whatever you do, please help!

14 responses to HELP! All Counties Craft Challenge – Workshop Venues Urgently Needed!

    Kathy brotherhood October 6, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Plenty of venues in Hunstanton, Heacham or kings Lynn we would really love to see you john bit craft starved in this country xxx



    You are quite welcome to park up outside my house. Plenty of room for a camper! Wx



    Hi John would love to welcome you to The Oak Tree Gallery in Helensburgh Scotland. Have both gallery space and a studio room that can be used for workshops. The gallery can hold 12 and the studio 6.



    Rosemary Bateman October 5, 2016 at 7:21 am

    I am sure we coukd get something arranged in Highbridge/Burnham Somerset.When will you be this way??



    Have shared and asked for share to be passed on on all the SM accounts I have. I hope you get more enquiries soon (to go with the two you have so far since posting this blog…well done to those super people!). You’re doing really well. I know it may be hard not to get anxious but please don’t worry. You’re very well organised and have a hell of a lot of people power behind you. You’ve achieved a hell of a lot so far and there’s still 6 months + to go. Big hugs, T x

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    Hello John, If you’re passing back through Essex and would like to use our craft room. We can currently take up to 16 spaces. Good Luck with the Challenge! Dan (Craft Plus UK in Basildon)

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    Would love to welcome you to Worthenbury WI in Wrexham County Borough. The village hall is almost at the end of refurbishment and a visit from you would be the icing on the cake. Oh yes did I mention the cake ………


  8. October 4, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Hi John I have a small craft shop in Dunoon Argyll and would be happy to organise a workshop but it would only be for 6 max sjl might be too small. If you are interested just let me know although I am away on holiday from 6th to 15th October but any time after that would be fine.RegardsValerie Coleman 

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