Techno Tuesday – Artly App by Artly

September 13, 2016 — 4 Comments

Another cool and creative app to share with you in this Techno Tuesday post.

Want to make some extra cool art from your snaps? Then you will want to get over to the App Store for this one.

The app that I am highlighting with you today is Artly by Artly.

Artly is a collection of art photo filters, cool picture effects and photo editor.

It is described by it’s creators as the ultimate app for photo art lovers who sense the world in an artistic manner. Artly is an art camera that turns you into a painter, an artist and it combines your imagination with famous painters’ skills.

Want to see a few photos that I used in it?

Ok, check out this lot …

I found it worked well on the iPhone but occasionally got the grumps on the iPad, but generally an ok app to create something truly different with.

If you would like to create something spectacular, you can download Artly via the App Store.

Hope you enjoyed this one and will pop back again next week for another in the Techno Tuesday app.

Catch you again soon.

J :)

4 responses to Techno Tuesday – Artly App by Artly


    Please how do I contact you re a workshop end November beginning December Forest area at my home. Yours. Wendy Axton

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    And it’s free, yipeeeeee
    x x

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    Looks interesting. Thank you.


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