Techno Tuesday – Brushstroke by Code Organa

August 30, 2016 — 3 Comments

Something new this way comes. I have often fiddled about with apps on my smart phone and tablet so thought that it might be a nice idea to share a few of my faves in a little mini series.

So my techno chum, read on for some cool creative apps!

The first that I would like to share with you is an app called Brushstroke by Code Organa

With Brushstroke you can turn your snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch.

Brushstroke is an app that takes your photographs and converts them into a painted style. I’ve shared some of those that I’ve created in the past but as an example, here is a shot of my mush in a painted state, some would say that this was better.

John Bloodworth - Gentleman Crafter

You can even get gifts printed and shipped from within the app which is fairly cool. I’ve tried this too and the service was excellent in my opinion.

There are many options within the app to choose from including different paint styles and the level at which they change the photo.

So if you are looking for a painted portrait of the family or the pooch, why not download Brushstroke – Code Organa and give it a go?

3 responses to Techno Tuesday – Brushstroke by Code Organa


    Sounds good but can’t find it onGoogle play. Prob just apple app?



    Just to say how nice it was to meet you yesterday on the caravan park. Good luck


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