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Brother Scan N Cut Updates

August is an exciting month for Scan N Cut users as there have been software updates in Canvas and also software updates for all of the machines.

Read on for the lowdown on what’s been upgraded and how to get hold of them.

Please bear in mind that this post was written with users in my home country of UK in mind but as far as I’m aware these updates will most likely be similar across the globe.

Let’s take Canvas first.

The first thing that I should say is that you don’t need to actually update anything for the changes in Canvas as the next time that you log in, all of the changes will already be in place.

So, what’s changed?

Here is a quick list of the updates in Canvas v2.3.0

  • The Embossing feature has been added. This will be available once you have purchased the embossing tool. The tool itself isn’t yet listed on the official accessories page so I’m unclear when this will hit the shelves.
  • Scan data can now be transferred to Canvas from Direct Cut mode for the purposes of image tracing. This is only available on models with Wifi functionality.
  • Drawn shapes can be filled. When this option is set and the shape imported to the machine, it will be filled with drawing lines.
  • Browser compatibility has been updated. Now includes Internet Explorer 11.
  • Other general bug squishes & an update to terms and conditions have also been added.

Thats it in a nutshell for Canvas.

Now, let’s look at the machines.

The updates and software versions differ a little between the four machines that have appeared on the UK market so I’ll list all of them below.

CM300 & CM600DX – Software v1.8

  • Specifying an Inside Offset
  • Removing Unnecessary Patterns (dots, lines, etc.) in Direct Cut mode
  • Trial Cutting in Direct Cut mode
  • Previewing in Grayscale Recognition Mode of either “Direct Cut” or “Scan to Cut Data” mode
  • Using Drawing Functions to Fill Patterns/Make Outlines Thicker
  • Flipping Multiple Patterns
  • Additional Features of the Draw/Cut Selection Screen:
 1. Settings key to adjust pressure and speed for the Draw or Cut.
 2. Display the remaining time of the Draw or Cut.
  • Mat Size Keys to switch the mat size in Settings screen.
  • Premium functions
. (Embossing). The release date for optional accessories differs depending on the country.

CM700 & CM900 v2.2

All of the features shown in CM300/600 updates, PLUS:

  • Using the “Direct Cut” Mode with ScanNCutCanvas.
  • Sending an Image to ScanNCutCanvas – eg scan a picture and transfer to canvas for image tracing.
  • Automatic Update Function via a wireless network. No more checking for updates/downloading to a USB!
  • Saving up to 12 Wireless LAN Connection Settings. Guessing this would be useful if you travel with your machine to various places and therefore use a selection of wifi connections.

So, as you can see, a fair bit has been added and upgraded and the new features look very exciting in my humble opinion.

If you are wondering where to find the updates and how to update your machine, just head over to Scan N Cut Canvas and look at the scrolling news section at the bottom of the screen. There will be a ‘machines have been updated’ article with a link, just click on that and the rest should make sense.

Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Homepage

Anyway, I hope that this information has been of use to you.

If you would like to see the other tutorials, projects and cutting files that I have created for and about the Scan N Cut series of machines, please do check out the following links:

Many thanks for reading. Catch you again soon.

J :)


20 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut Updates

  1. Hi John. Could you please tell me how to turn off the seam allowance? I can see how to change the size but I don’t need any. Thank you so much Linda


  2. John,hello I really need some help with the wyfi on my cm700 and also downloading the updates,I have had my machine now a month and haven’t managed to do it yet could you please help me


  3. Hello John. re Scan N Cut updates, I missed the update 1.7 for my 600 machine, however I have upgraded now with the 1.8. Do I still need to add 1.7 upgrade or does it automatically include this in 1.8. I couldnt find 1.7 on website.


  4. Thanks John for the information.
    Can I ask if you are going to do a workshop in the Bristol or Weston-super-Mare area? Both are worth a visit.


  5. Thanks for all the info I’m sure that I’ll have mastered it by the next upgrade – pity your not near North Wales with your workshops


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