Nine New Cutting File Word Collections – Three Times Bigger!

January 11, 2016 — 6 Comments

It’s been a labour of love getting the latest released ready for the Digital Craft Emporium however they are finally ready and I’ve got a great offer for you to boot!

This latest set of electronic cutting file collections feature mix and match words for creating the perfect sentiment on your creative projects, whether that be cards, scrapbook pages or mixed media canvases.

Unlike before where I have bundled 30, 40, or 50 words, these NINE new sets each include 150 words.

Each set has been created using specially licensed fonts and will give you ultimate variety. There are literally thousands of possible combinations from the simplest of sentiment to the more complex quotes and will cover you for a full year of celebrations.

The words are made with a lovely lowercase and all letters are pre-welded where possible.

Here is a preview of each of the styles.

Word Collection Preview Calligrahpy Word Collection Preview Fountain Pen Word Collection Preview Hand Written Word Collection Preview Juicy Word Collection Preview Neon Line Word Collection Preview Simple Word Collection Preview Smooth Word Collection Preview Whisper Word Collection Preview

Don’t forget, all of my work on the Digital Craft Emporium also comes with a generous angel policy. This means that you can cut out the words (from whatever you like) and use them in handcrafted projects that you intend to sell with no limitations on the number of products made or the purpose for which you intend to sell them.

Here is a list of the words included.

Sentiment Creator Words – Create the perfect sentiment for a huge variety of occasions with this collection of 60 cutting files.

1. To
2. From
3. A
4. The
5. My
6. Of
7. On
8. Our
9. Your
10. Have
11. Best
12. Wishes
13. Special
14. Wonderful
15. World’s
16. Hope
17. Day
18. New
19. Belated
20. Celebrate
21. Happy
22. Merry
23. Welcome
24. Home
25. Birthday
26. Fabulous
27. Occasion
28. Anniversary
29. With
30. Amazing
31. Valentine
32. Retirement
33. Good
34. Luck
35. Thank
36. You
37. Get
38. Well
39. Soon
40. Easter
41. Christmas
42. Year
43. Thanks
44. Love
45. Sympathy
46. Thinking
47. Condolences
48. Congratulations
49. Boy
50. Girl
51. Baby
52. Shower
53. Twins
54. Christening
55. Birth
56. At
57. Blessings
58. Time
59. Live
60. Laugh

Family Relations – Tailor the sentiment to the person that will be receiving it with this collection of 40 cutting files.

1. Aunt
2. Auntie
3. Cousin
4. Daughter
5. Friend
6. Girlfriend
7. Granddaughter
8. Grandmother
9. Gran
10. Nan
11. Nanny
12. Mother
13. Mom
14. Mummy
15. Mum
16. Niece
17. Sister
18. Wife
19. Husband
20. Brother
21. Boyfriend
22. Dad
23. Daddy
24. Father
25. Granddad
26. Grandfather
27. Grandma
28. Grandpa
29. Grandson
30. Nephew
31. Son
32. Uncle
33. Grand
34. Great
35. Parent
36. Parents
37. Step
38. In-Law
39. Buddy
40. Hubby

Wedding Planner Words – create your own wedding stationary with this collection of 50 wedding themed cutting files. You can even use them to create titles for your scrapbook pages or photo albums after the event!

1. Fiancée
2. Fiancé
3. Bride
4. Groom
5. Order Of Service
6. Menu
7. Table
8. Seating
9. Plan
10. Invitation
11. Engagement
12. Bridesmaid
13. Page
14. Hen
15. Bachelor
16. Stag
17. Party
18. Save
19. Date
20. RSVP
21. Wedding
22. Mr
23. Mrs
24. &
25. Couple
26. Just
27. Man
28. Woman
29. Getting
30. Married
31. Maid
32. Matron
33. Honor
34. Honour
35. Grooms (pair this with man or woman)
36. Ring
37. Church
38. Altar
39. Reception
40. Champagne
41. Cake
42. First
43. Dance
44. Newlywed
45. Newlyweds
46. Limo
47. Limousine
48. Horse
49. Carriage
50. Entourage

File Types.

Here is a quick guide to the file tpyes included with many of the cutting files set.

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics. This is an image file type that can also be used by most home hobby cutting machines including the Cricut and eCraft. Please note however that some machines will require the file to be converted in external software before it can be used for cutting.

DXF – A vector based file type that can be used be most home hobby cutting machines. In particular this file type can be used with the Silhouette range of cutting machines in their free Silhouette Studio software. It can also be used in the majority of CAD software if you are super clever.

FCM – A cutting file type only compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut. This file type is included as an added bonus for Brother Scan N Cut users.

This means that even if you decide to change the machine that you use in the future, you will still be able to use your purchase!

But wait, I thought that it would be rude for me not to offer you a discount as you have been such loyal readers on my blog so I have put together a special SAVER DEAL for you which means that you can buy all nine sets today with a whopping 50% saving!

So, with the ultimate in versatility and the ability to say just what you want to (unless it’s rude) you need to grab your set now by visiting

SAVER DEAL Word Collection Preview

Many thanks for reading (if you got this far) and I’ll see you again later in the week with some makes that I have been working on.

Stay safe.

J :)


6 responses to Nine New Cutting File Word Collections – Three Times Bigger!

    Lesley Barnett June 9, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    Nanna would be helpful as well



    Hi John, love this generous package but as a newbie to SNC not sure how it all works .
    Sorry if this sounds daft and basic but do I simply order the SVG file that can now be put on a USB from download and then put it into my machine?
    I’m assuming it can then be accessed via the USB?
    Sorry if this is a silly question but I’ve never brought files before.



    Thanks for this design ….if possible could you add the word ” for”



    These look fab John, thank you so much, what a great idea! They will be especially useful when we finally get the long awaited universal pen holder. I will be placing my order later today when I get on the laptop. Of course someone always wants something that’s not there, in my case the word “sad” would have been helpful for “with sympathy at this sad time”. Unless I missed it! Hope the new venture is going well for you and you are enjoying it. Happy New Year!


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