New Cutting File Word Pack Finished

December 20, 2015 — 2 Comments

Evening all, just thought that I would pop by and let you know that I have just put the finishing touches to a fabulous new word pack.

This one has a lovely smooth cursive font and a couple of upgrades.

The new Smooth Curves Word Pack has a total of 55 usable words/phrases. I’ve also given you two versions of each cutting file so that whether you will be cutting it from vinyl or cardstock, you should be able to get the best results.

Here’s a quick look at the style.

Smooth Curves Word Collection Preview

The set includes the following words.


1. Aunt
2. Auntie
3. Daughter
4. Girlfriend
5. Granddaughter
6. Grandmother
7. Gran
8. Nan
9. Nanny
10. Mother
11. Mom
12. Mummy
13. Mum
14. Niece
15. Sister
16. Wife
17. Girl


1. Boy
2. Husband
3. Brother
4. Boyfriend
5. Dad
6. Daddy
7. Father
8. Granddad
9. Grandfather
10. Grandma
11. Grandpa
12. Grandson
13. Nephew
14. Son
15. Uncle


1. Cousin
2. Friend

Connectors & Extenders

1. Grand
2. Great
3. Parent
4. Parents
5. Step
6. In-Law

Mix and Match Sentiments

1. To
2. A
3. The
4. My
5. On
6. With Love
7. Your
8. Our
9. Birthday
10. Wishes
11. Anniversary
12. Special
13. Day
14. Wonderful
15. World’s Best

Each word has been formed from lowercase characters using a versatile smooth cursive font. They have also been pre-welded where possible.

As I mentioned, two versions of each word have been included:

  • Mini Cuts – This set has been designed to be cut from substrates such as self adhesive vinyl at sizes LESS THAN 1.25 inches tall.
  • Maxi Cuts – This set has been designed to be cut from substrates such as cardstock at sizes GREATER THAN 1.25 inches tall.

In order to make sure that as many people can use these as possible I have also included three different file types. They are:

  • SVG – This is an image file type that can also be used by most home hobby cutting machines including the Cricut and eCraft. Some machines will require the file to be converted in external software before it can be used for cutting.
  • DXF – A vector based file type that can be used be most home hobby cutting machines. In particular this file type can be used with the Silhouette range of cutting machines in their free software. It can also be used in the majority of CAD software if you are super clever.
  • FCM – A cutting file type only compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut.


So, if you plan to make ANY cards for family members (yours or someone else’s) then you need this set – why not head over to and pick up your set now?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon :)

Best wishes

J :)



2 responses to New Cutting File Word Pack Finished


    Every new year I learn something new but with being so poorly last year I didn’t make it. Now I feel ready for something new one thing I have wanted to learn more about is to do with my computer and how to deal with cutting files etc as this seems like a different language to me . What you are doing makes life a lot easier for those who cannot get out so easy so next year I am looking towards a scan and cut then learn about your new adventure I wish you a very merry Christmas John you took a leap of faith and it is working . X nita



    Love all your new cutting file sets, which I am gradually buying. Is it possible to add “Happy ” to the list so I can do happy birthday, happy anniversary etc
    Thank you Margaret


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