Hand Written Sentiment Cutting File Collection

December 14, 2015 — 3 Comments

The last set of sentiment cutting files was particularly popular and, as a result, I was asked if I had something a little less refined – well, being less refined is a specialty of mine so I set to work…

After a quick think, I chose to create a set of mix and match sentiment cutting files with a handwritten style.

As with my previous sentiment collection there are 43 mix and match words.

This time around though there is only the one variation of each word – this does however mean that each word is pre-welded and ready to cut or draw if your machine can do this.

Here is a quick teaser of the style of font that I used to create this set…

Hand Written Mix And Match Electronic Cutting File Set

Love it, don’t you?

Not only do I think that it’ll work well for larger greetings cards (probably a bit too fine for anything smaller than an A5 card) I think that it would also work well as part of a title page or cover text for a scrapbook, what do you think – where would you use it?

As the lettering is quite fine, and only if you are cutting the words at a small-ish size (approx 2 inches tall) I would recommend using a light-ish weight card stock; something between 160gsm and 250gsm.

I have again included the three main file types so that anyone with an electronic cutting machine should be able to use these files. The file types are:

SVG – This is an image file type that can also be used by most* home hobby cutting machines including the Cricut and eCraft.

* Some machines will require the file to be converted in, or imported into, a software program before it can be used for cutting. Please consult your instruction manual before purchasing.

DXF – A vector based file type that can be used be most home hobby cutting machines. In particular this file type can be used with the Silhouette range of cutting machines in their free software. It can also be used in the majority of CAD software if you are super clever.

FCM – A cutting file type only compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut.

If you would like a set then please do head over to my digital download store, www.digitalcraftemporium.co.uk

Many thanks for stopping by – hope things are well with you?

See you again soon.

J :)


3 responses to Hand Written Sentiment Cutting File Collection


    I cant find these in your store, John. Could you point me in the right direction please? Lesley



    Love the composition. Your products are very creative. Thank you for opportunity of seeing and/or buying. I love using serif, brother to create things-not cards but shapes
    Like many people am not so confident starting putting together. I have memory problems which means now I still understand but forget. Maybe you can produce dvds to sell and or subscription similar to Tattered Lace,



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