All Counties Craft Challenge – Update 2 – New Rewards Added

December 6, 2015 — 2 Comments

Evening all. Well, the total continues to grow on the old totalizer (feel like I’m on Blue Peter) for the All Counties Craft Challenge but I’m still a long way off reaching the target.

I have therefore been working on a range of additional rewards for those that would like to contribute but don’t necessarily want to attend a workshop.

The first of these new rewards is a themed colouring book that will be printed and sent out prior to the adventure beginning. It is therefore now available for pre-order.

I will be hand illustrating a range of mandalas which will then be inserted into county boundary outlines before being compiled into colouring book format – I hope to squeeze all 92 counties into it somehow.

The anticipated format will be up to A4 in size, (more likely eight inch square), printed on single sided 120gsm paper and either perfect bound or coil bound (let me know if you have a preference and I will go with the majority).

Here’s a rough mock up that I did …

Mockup Preview

It’s just one of several reward levels for this event – why not visit and see what it’s all about and what you can receive.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll be back to making, playing and blogging like normal next week.

See you there!

J :)

2 responses to All Counties Craft Challenge – Update 2 – New Rewards Added


    Good idea, I’ll go for that one. I would love to go to a workshop, but don’t get around so much nowadays. I shall try and go if there’s anything within comfortable driving distance.



    A really neat idea John – hope it sells well. Will place my order when it is available.


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