196 Words To Celebrate

November 14, 2015 — 11 Comments

A while ago I released a set of 196 mix and match word cutting files on this blog and then, when my online store opened it was transferred there. Since then it has become the most popular product on my website.

When it originally launched however it was only available as a set of SVG files. That meant that some folk were having to convert 196 files for use with their machines – well, no more!

I felt bad for making people spend time at their computers rather than at their craft desks so I have gone through each and every file and converted them into three more file types –

  • FCM – for use with the Brother Scan N Cut.
  • DXF – for use with Silhouette machines (via the Silhouette Studio with the need for the upgraded software).
  • EPS – an image file format that is compatible with other machines on the market.

It is also still included as an SVG file so therefore this is compatible with the Cricut online software too.

So, I guess that the point is, if you have an electronic cutting machine, it is likely that you will want these.

The range of 196 files includes a range of mix and match words and numbers that will have pretty much any birthday or anniversary covered!

I’ve also dropped the price by £1 for the next week – so now is truly the time to grab these if you haven’t already!

For more info on what exactly is included, please pop over to www.digitalcraftemporium.co.uk

People that have already purchase from Digital Craft Emporium will be able to download the update version of this product from their account if they have not exceeded the maximum download attempts).


Will blog again asap however I’m running out of battery and Wi-Fi – see you again soon!

J :)

11 responses to 196 Words To Celebrate


    Hi John, I bought the 196 words file from your blog before they went to the shop so how do I download the conversion file for my Brother Scan N Cut



    Hi John,

    I was one of those who bought the word mix and match as a SVG set. Is there a way of changing the whole lot together in canvas to the correct format, or have they got to be done individually?

    Regards Ann B



    Thank you John,love it. Jackie



    Thank you John for changes to 196 Word files will certainly save lots of time for someone who works as slowly as I do lol. xxx Sheena



    Fabulous John! Thank you.



    Hi John I’m not sure if you mean the Designer Edition is needed for the DXF files when you say the upgraded software but they can be used with the free version too



    Hi John. I have purchased all of your downloads just need to find time to play. Thank you so much for giving these so we don’t have to convert in s&c canvas as I dont find that easy to do but look forward to using these whilst making my Christmas cards. Thanks again. You are wonderful sharing your very great talent and we appreciate it x


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