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October 30, 2015 — 5 Comments

Been a tad busy designing of late so just thought I’d let you all know what’s been going on at the shop.

Sew Simple And Stylish Bags Book

Firstly I was very excited to have stumbled across the original files (which were thought lost to the unnamed media storage device in the sky) for the Sew Simple And Stylish Bags book that I made a few years back and have therefore been able to pop it into the shop for anyone that has missed the opportunities over the years to purchase, download and print their own copy.

(If you’ve bought it before, you don’t need to buy it again as it’s the same content, just an updated cover).

How To Sew Simple And Stylish Handbags

Eagle Owl Cross Stitch Chart

Sticking with needle and thread I have been very fortunate to have been given permission to reproduce a stunning piece of artwork by Terry for use as a cross stitch chart.

It depicts a beautiful eagle owl and, when completed, measures just over 13 inches square (if worked on 18hpi aida canvas).

A total of 42 colours to ensure a stunning and authentic replication of the original hand illustrated image.

Eagle Owl Cross Stitch Chart

A full list of all materials needed, along with a large clear key to the symbols is included along with the chart which is spread across a number of pages to ensure that the chart is easy to read.

Heart Frame Triple Pack

I often get caught out in designing something for one use and then someone pops along and says, ‘Can I do this with it?’ so I thought that I would start designing versatile packs of papercrafting bits and bobs.

This week therefore saw the first in a range of triple packs. This one features a simple heart design.

The great thing about this is that there are three functions planned in:

Anywhere Aperture

This is a a series of shapes that will ‘punch’ an area in your cardstock, whereever you want it to go. There are no boundaries constraining it so if you are the ‘in the middle’ type, then it can go in the middle but if you are the ‘freestyle’ type, you can offset it however you wish.

Anywhere Frame

Similar in shape to the aperture however this is something that you would cut out and place on top of your creation, much like an embellishment. It’s an ‘Anywhere Frame’ because you can place it anywhere you like.

Pick And Mix Card Front

This one is quite clever. It’s very much like paper-piecing in that you would cut this design from various pieces of different cardstock and then mix and match the various different pieces. You could go with several colours or many many colours. If you cut it three times, you will get three themed card fronts that look slightly different. Cool eh?

Heart Frame Triple Pack

Now, I am totally aware that not everyone has an electronic cutting machine – that’s totally fine :)

What I have done therefore is given you options.

For those that do have electronic cutting machines you have the choice of SVG (most machines accept this), DXF (most Silhouette machines accept this), EPS (an image format that is sometimes used by smaller brands of machine) and FCM (only for Brother Scan N Cut owners)

For those that don’t I have provided JPG/PNG (can be printed from Windows PCs and can also be imported into ANY digital graphics software that you have – the JPG has a white background and the PNG has a transparent background) and PDF (ready to print but less adaptable than planned – still great for colouring in and doodling in though).

Ten Mandala Colouring Sheets 

This week I have been building on the range of colouring designs that I have available and am quite proud of this set.

It features ten unique and original mandala designs by yours truly.

Each one is approx 7.5 inches square (if printing the PDF version) however I have also included the JPG version so you could print at a slightly different size if you preferred.

I am often concious that you may not always see what you are getting when purchasing from a download store so I thought that I would try something new this week and create a little preview slideshow so that you can see what’s included.

I popped this video on YouTube so that you can see up close the designs that I have made.

I have also been having a clear out of the craft room to make more room and some lucky people have defo got themselves a bargain! I’ve got more to go but shall probs be doing this next week.

Anyway I’ve taken up too much of your time already so shall let you crack on with your day.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what’s been going on with me – I really appreciate it.

Take care and see you again soon.

J :)


5 responses to Goings On At The Digital Craft Emporium


    Thank you for the deleting lines video, it’s going to save me a lot of time.



    I agree completely with your favourite shops for craft. You should add your own. The owl is fantastic . Keep up the good work



    Hello John,
    So pleased to have ‘found’ you again! And also found another source of SVG files for my Cameo – sure I shall be buying some of your fabulous files soon.
    Thought I hadn’t seen you on C&C for a while, though I don’t watch it much now.
    Every success in your new venture and hopefully you will have the time and the right environment to develop your massive experience and design skills.
    (I am hoping Leonie will appear on one of the new channels soon, haven’t seen her for ages either).
    With all good wishes,



    Hi John

    Some crackers here, I shall be visiting soon (when not in a mad flap over starting the C******** cards! )

    Hugs, T x



    I love the owl – think I may be popping over to the shop later!! The mandala colouring sheets are brill! I’m thinking they would look great as cutouts for doilys! Just another idea for you!! Keep up the good work.
    Happy crafting


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