New SVG and FCM Files In The Shop, Workshops and Some Art – Busy Week!

September 27, 2015 — 3 Comments

Well, it’s been a busy old week again. I’ve been at the computer again coming up with some more designs for the shop, prepping some ideas for my first ever solo workshop and creating my first bits of saleable art!

Here is a quick update …

Over the last couple of days I have managed to create a set of nine Art Nouveau SVG Cutting file frames, each with it’s own layers, that are now available via my shop as a bargain priced bundle.

I’ve also included the flourish file (that forms the corners of the frames) in case you would like to make your own designs from it.

BROTHER SCAN N CUT USERS PLEASE NOTE – Although you will be purchasing the SVG cutting files I have, for the first time, included the FCM conversions for no extra cost so you can simply drag and drop the folder containing the FCM files onto a USB stick and take it to your machine without having to convert the designs first!

Here are the nine file sets that you will receive.

Cool eh?

If you would like to get hold of this set they are now available via my website –

I’m also thinking of making these into colouring sheets – do let me know if that’s of interest and I’ll get right on it.

During the week I have also been working on creating some stamping workshops in a local arts centre (Stamford, Lincolnshire) – my first ever solo workshops – eek!!

I plan for it to incorporate the scene stamp sets from Hobby Art and we will hopefully be making three designs in the session – something along these lines.

Workshop Preview

Workshop Preview


I should be able to give you an update about those in the next couple of days.

Finally I’ve also started work on some line art/doodling designs that I hope to frame and sell soon. I’m working on it last thing each evening in order to ‘wind down’ and relax (not that things are stressy), it’s just a way of cooling my mind down. lol.

This does mean that it’s going a little slower than I hoped but I shall get there :)

Here is the start of the first one …

Doodle Art Preview

Doodle Art Preview


It’ll be my first actual art for sale so I am a little nervous, and a little too self critical, but once I’ve finished it I must put it up for sales as it’s not the artist’s own impression of a piece but that of the recipient that counts – something that I should remember more often! Lol

Anyway, that’s it for this week – I hope that you are staying happy and creative … ?

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

See you again soon!

J :)

3 responses to New SVG and FCM Files In The Shop, Workshops and Some Art – Busy Week!


    Like the Doodle Art. The files look nice but I don’t have a cutting machine yet.



    John you are such a talented man you really are, everything you do is fantastic and every idea you have is brilliant.
    Yes I think the art nouveau designs would be great as colouring files as well, go for it.
    Wish I lived nearer I would most certainly come to one of your stamping classes.
    And finally have no fear your work will sell, trust me, it’s to great not too
    Best wishes to you
    Mandy xx



    Good luck with the solo workshop John I’m sure it will go well. Looking forward to seeing your piece of art when it’s finished.
    Sheena x


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