SVG Cutting File Word Special Requests – Grandmama and Wifey

September 1, 2015 — 20 Comments

Hello all! Now I know it’s not Saturday however the Family Relations, Birthdays/Anniversaries and Christmas Word SVG cutting file packs have been quite popular, more so than I thought they would be, and since they were launched I have had a couple of special requests.

I bet you thought that I had got married and inherited a Grandmother-in-law, didn’t you? lol, well, no.

I’m not going to be making a habit of doing free custom files however I thought that it might be a nice idea to do these and offer out to all as a freebie so that those of you that are on the fence as to whether to get the full packs can try them out oh, and there’s a little bonus secret free file in here too…

Anyway, the requests came in from Carole Morgan, who asked for “Grandmama” and Janene Amador who asked for “Wifey”.

So, here are the links to those two files.

They look like this …

SVG Cutting File Words

Oh, and as I mentioned, and because it’s a special occasion for me today, I thought that I’d pop a special one in for you all as a little thank you for visiting the blog.

It’s a lovely script style Happy Birthday sentiment.

It looks like this …


Angel Policy? Do what you like with them as long as it’s handmade and not digital.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Will be back later in the week.

Chat soon.

J :)

20 responses to SVG Cutting File Word Special Requests – Grandmama and Wifey


    Beautiful “Happy Birthday”…. So kind of you to offer free files :)



    Can you tell me how I can get accordion card template for the scanncut I have seen one on youtube Thanks Steve

    Sent from my iPad




    Thank you for the freebies, very kind and thoughtful of you John



    thank you john


    Marilyn Westwood September 1, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Hi there files are great but could you add mum and mummy or mom and mommy. Many thanks Marilyn westwood



    Thank you John



    thanks john appreciate all your good work




    Hi John could you please do Nana,+ Dear,



    Well… even when you do all lovely things… what was your goal with the ATC cards? Didn’t you say you make one each day for the whole year? You are up to 118 cards and today is day 244 of the year and you are already 126 cards short. Can it be that you took your mouth a bit full? We can take it surely that you won’t make it.



    Thank you John. xx



    Thank you so much John. You are extremely kind. I love the font, it is so elegant. I really appreciate you giving us these extras, & as the previous comment said ‘Mum’ is missing! But I spose you can’t please us all!
    Thank you once again for you kindness & generosity. Will be downloading next time I have pc on.
    Happy crafting



    John tried to download these to go with the set I bought but when I click on the download statement it takes me to a webpage with with only the word on it. What am I doing wrong. Will you be appearing on any of the craft channels?



    Hi John

    Thank you for the freebies but you missed one important one n that’s ‘MUM’ it would be nice to have this one toooooooooo

    Thank you
    Best regards

    Sent from my iPhone




    Wow love the happy birthday. Thank you v v muchly. X


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