Ready-To-Colour Robin Digi Craft Set

August 2, 2015 — 13 Comments

I’ve had my designer’s head on again today and created a lovely little hand illustrated Robin which I then went on to digitize and create a digi stamp from.



This file set has been moved to my new online shop –


Many thanks for reading/visiting.

Robin Artist Trading Card Colouring In - 1

Is this cheeky chappy not for you? Please don’t forget to share with your friends as there may be someone out there that would like him in their collection (pretty please).

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

J :)

13 responses to Ready-To-Colour Robin Digi Craft Set

    Eluned Jeffery August 4, 2015 at 1:41 am

    Hi There,

    Did you get my order for your DIGI Robin? I paid by PAYPAL 24 hrs ago.

    He is really cute I am looking forward to crafting with him.


    Eluned Jeffery



    Shared on Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Facebook. I wear many hats and have many names so please don’t get confused seeing all this strange names linked to this page!
    Hugs, T x



    Hi John

    He certainly is adorable, I think you have come up with a lovely kit there. It’s such a shame I would be unlikely to use him- Christmas is a real drag for me as due to how long it takes me to make a card and even with the small amount of cards I do I have to start 3 months before with kits or dies and batch make :-( but I will work out how to share this post and hopefully get you some extra custom. Colouring in is big right now so I think he’d be attractive to a lot of people.

    Keep up with this John, I think you have some terrific ideas.

    Hugs, Tx



    Thank you again John. Jackie



    Love this cheeky little robin,John I have just joined your blog and I am amazed by your wonderful makes,thanks for sharing.



    wow, what a deal! Thanks John


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