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Handbag Sewing Instruction Booklet PDF

Hi All :)

Sometime ago I gave you a rough overview on how to make a simple tote bag. Before this I was on TV promoting sewing machines and a booklet that I had created to show how to make five different handbag styles.

I have decided to offer up the digital print-at-home version of that booklet for sale via the shop for £2

Before you buy this pattern I would like to say that I have a free overview of making a tote bag here. Please do check that out before purchasing in case it has what you need.

Now, back to the pattern booklet. There are five styles of bag included. Four of the five styles are shown in the gallery below.

The designs included are a basic tote, a pleated tote, a hobo shoulder bag, a drawstring bag (not shown) and a large shopping tote.

The booklet has plenty of clear written instructions and also includes a small glossary of sewing terms.

Each pattern has the following sections:

  • Materials
  • Notions
  • Pieces To Cut
  • Layout Guide (for cutting the fabric).
  • Step By Step Instructions – There are also illustrations throughout to help you understand particular steps within the instructions.

The basic tote and grocery shopper do not require a pattern as they are done with basic measuring however for the other three styles a printable pattern is also included. This has been split across a number of A4 sized pages so that you can print it effectively at home and don’t have to spend time re-sizing it.

If sewing is something that you are getting into then this booklet will give you some fun projects to get you creating some fun and functional projects.

If you are an experienced seamstress then it will give you the base for adding your own unique style.

Either way I am sure that everyone that sews will gain some pleasure from creating these projects.

How To Buy

It’s simple, just visit www.digitalcraftemporium.co.uk, sign up and checkout.


Anyway, that’s it for this post. Thanks in advance for your purchases.

See you soon.

J :)



5 thoughts on “Handbag Sewing Instruction Booklet PDF

  1. Hi John

    i have a lot of bag patterns but thought I’d have a look, John, these are really, really good (I’m not surprised as you are one talented man). I didn’t think I needed MORE bag patterns but I clearly do!

    Off to hit the PayPal button…

    T x


  2. Thank you John this looks like the very thing I have been looking for looking forward to makeing up this bag regards kath newman


  3. Thank you John. This will be very useful & look forward to receiving the patterns. Thank you for sharing.


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