Free SVG Cutting File – A Simple Box

January 31, 2015 — 16 Comments

I love you.

No, really! For that reason I have found you a free SVG cutting file to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

No, I’m not supplying the chocolates – NO! If I’m not allowed to eat them, then I’m sure as heck not dishing them out to anyone else. *huffs*

Lol! ;)

Anyway, here it is.

Free SVG Cutting File Chocolate Box


This free SVG cutting file can be downloaded from SVGCUTS.COM

16 responses to Free SVG Cutting File – A Simple Box


    Thank you!

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    Hi John, I have just ordered the brother scan and cut and was just looking for some free svg files. I have download one of yours but it will not let me open it. Its says it has to be unzipped. But it will not let me open it up. Has this is all new to me can you tell me what I am doing wrong. Many thanks.


    Mrs Jean Jones May 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Thank you. John.



    I k




    Hi John

    I found this earlier in the week whilst trawling SVGcuts for pretty things. It certainly is alovely little box though I’ll be using it to put jewellery in I’ve made for presents. I think it’s perfect for that as the recipients are always people I love- not that I don’t love Mr WheelyBad of course- he just won’t suit crystal jewellery!

    I’m so glad you pointed me toward SVGcuts though, thank you! :-)


    T x

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    sandradrydesigns January 31, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Cheers Mr. B…! So cute xxx



    Thank you very much for the files. Your enthusiasm and samples give us all so much inspiration. Wherever do you get your inspiration from? X



    Hi John Please can you tell me how I get onto your or mel heatons blog. This is very new to me. Thanks Susan.

    Sent from my iPhone


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    Thanks so much for the file. GB

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    Thanks John that’s great. x



    Thanks John :-) chocs or no chocs ….. :-) Have a nice weekend x



    That’s a lovely box. Thank you



    Thank you John. We love you too! Even if you you won’t supply the chocs! I’m not allowed them either, but I was given some Thornton’s diabetic chocs for Xmas & they tasted yummy! Maybe you would be allowed those!
    Thanks again for your generosity in sharing and also to SVG cuts for their generosity. They have some amazing files to download, both bought & free.
    Happy crafting

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