Making Galaxies With Embossing Powders - 2

Artist Trading Card Daily – 31

Woo Hoo!! I made it to the end of the first month in the #ATC365 challenge!

That deserves something special so I have put together a little video of how I did the galaxy background and then made it into an ATC.

First, here is the ATC.

Making Galaxies With Embossing Powders - Featured Image

I REALLY like this technique (that I discovered by accident) as I am a big fan of space imagery and the shear immencity of space and galaxies etc – basically I am a space nerd and want to take a camera into space and just keep my finger on the shutter button – if only faster-than-light speed were possible eh?

Making Galaxies With Embossing Powders - 1

Right, it was going to be hard to write a description for this one with using the phrase, “swirl it around a bit”, quite a lot so I decided to create a video – I’ve tried to leave it as “real time” as possible so it’s about 30 minutes long, but I have taken out the complete useless bits – you know, where I’m rummaging trying to find things that I should have got in the first place! Lol.

Anyway, here is the video.

And there we have it. One ATC sized galaxy – now, I wonder what kind of creatures live here …

Making Galaxies With Embossing Powders - Featured Image

Thank you for visiting and/or watching I hope that you are enjoying this series of daily posts.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little creations.

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

J :)

22 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 31

  1. You have the patience of a saint, but the end result is so worth it. What a gorgeous mix of colours you have put together. Next time I get my heat gun out I’m having a go at this, especially as it’s so cold.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x

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  2. Many congrats on reaching the end of the first month, with such a wonderful ATC to end January on, on to infinity as they say and it so reminded me of the Aura Borealis that I would dearly love to see, did take a flight but the conditions weren`t right but fascinating all the same. Your card evokes the feel of it all and immenseness [is that a word] of space. THANK you so much for your fab sharing. Good luck with the next month. x

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  3. Thank you John, a great technique to add to my “messy” file. The technique reminds me of Frantage and the effect, just a little bit, of a technique I was shown when I first started crafting many years ago using phot paper and alcohol inks.
    A really super background which I think may be useful for my boys and brother -thank you .

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  4. Hi John

    I just wondered what you were doing in order to have that happy accident! Great to watch

    I’m definitely getting a teflon chip mat. I’d have to get two as I know when Mr W sees it he’ll want one for doing the chips!

    You’ve got me wondering what effects I can get dipping the surface of a piece of card (held by tongs!) Into an a melt pot when you have that “swirly moment” when the colours are combining- then adding mica and more powder with the heat tool….hmmm. Sadly will have to put this idea on the “to play” list as I have some sewing jobs that will need the table for a while. Hreat incentive to get them done. Table will need to be free for the next round of birthday cards in march!

    Thanks for an entertaining and thought provoking video,


    T x

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  5. It is immensely good says my Granddaughter. She can’t wait to try it out but has to wait until my arm is out of plaster! I agree with her. Love it.

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  6. I was fascinated by this video John, the beautiful colours merging and the out come was terrific. At one point when you had the gold colour to the left of the card I had a vision of a face with a really smooth cheek bone, then it changed again, it reminded me of my childhood when we watched the flames of a coal fire distributing layers of colour and shapes. Thank you for the memories xx

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