Free SVG Cutting File – Lace Frame

January 3, 2015 — 22 Comments

SVG Saturday’s are back. This time around however they will be a mix of my own tutorials and files along with links to free and good value cutting files from other designers and sellers also.

This week I have found a lovely Lace Frame that I think you might like, and it’s free!

Lace Frame

This lace frame can be downloaded from SVGCUTS.COM

22 responses to Free SVG Cutting File – Lace Frame


    Hi John,I like a lot of owners of the scan n cut machine are trying to get our heads around this fab machine.Unfortunately when I was at school we didn’t do tech stuff, and Last night was able to put the lattice work onto my usb stick and then into my machine.But I’m afraid it’s more luck than judgement and then I can’t do this again but will persevere with your brill help. Kate

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    Thank you John for this lovely cutting file you are very generous with all you free give aways

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    Elizabeth Turnbull January 13, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Thanks John, it’s a beautiful frame.
    Regards Liz.

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    Elizabeth Turnbull January 13, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Thanks John, it’s a beautiful frame.

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    Thank you for sharing this lovely frame, John. I cut the frame using red card stock and shared with my fellow SNCers on FB. Have a wonderful and creative new year!

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    Thank you John for the lovely frame and all the other goodies you post for us Scan ‘n Cut maniacs!

    When I try to bring zipped files into my Brother Canvas so that I can put the cutting files on my USB to transfer to my Scan ‘n Cut, I get the message “this type of file cannot be used”. Where am I going wrong? Do I need to un-zip the file and if so how do I do this?
    I’ve had this with a few free cutting files so I hope you can help.
    Yours in hope.



    Hi, Happy New Year. Yes that is a lovely frame I have it in my very large and growing collection. Need to ask advice please.. I want to cut lots of small leaves, the shape I have saved to my usb stick. I am trying to use the Auto Layout function. It works using a shape on the machine but it will not work on my saved shape from usb it just keeps jumping back to ONE. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi John, just a quick note to say thank you for sharing this link with us. I truly LOVE your blog and am ALWAYS thrilled to see a new post. Thanks again :-)

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    Hi John

    This is lovely, thanks so much for the link. Will download when I got the laptop rather than faff with transferring the file from my phone to my laptop! (My cutting machine needs a computer).


    T x



    John, I understand Lois’ question as I have the same one – I read everything on my ipad but have to go to my computer to download and save later as I don’t know how to download to the icloud or if It does download I can’t find it later – lol! If I can figure this out I will post later in the week. Thanks for sharing – love this file and will get it downloaded on regular computer later.



    Hi again thanks for the ‘free’ frame, it looks good and will certainly visit site. Also saw the wonderful unicorn, it’s good to see some of the team on C & C. as good to see the ‘background boys’ Keep up the good work. Jan

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    Hi just joined your site had a scan n cut for Christmas haven’t a clue about computers, and they do rather bore me. Perhaps this will get me up and running as I love the idea of being able to cut lacy frames. Thanks for sharing your precious stuff with us all. Can you recommend any good idiot proof sites for using I cloud with my scan n cut. Thanks for looking Lois



    oh that’s pretty! thank you. I saw you being a unicorn on the C and C reruns last night!

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    Thank you john, a beautiful frame. You are very kind to share with us. Hope you’re feeling better.

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    Thank you John. This is a beautiful frame. I’m off to visit the website next!!
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    A very happy crafty New Year to you.

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