Button Wreath Bauble - 3

Button Wreath Bauble

Hello again :)

Today’s make uses up some of my button stash to make a cute little wreath bauble.

Here is the finished project hanging on the tree.

Button Wreath Bauble - 3

This was easy to make but took a while due to glues needing to dry.

This project began with me cutting two “donuts” of cardstock and sticking these together. These would form the base of the wreath.

I then applied various buttons (all with a purple tone) to the donut with Pinflair Glue Gel and allowed to set.

Button Wreath Bauble - 1

To finish off I added ribbon as a hanger and a ribbon bow in matching purple satin ribbon. As well as that I also added a few mini gems to add a little more sparkle to the design.

And there we have it, another decoration for my Balsam Hill Christmas Tree. Cute isn’t it?

Button Wreath Bauble - 2

Anyway, still in a rush to finish things off in time for the big day and I’ve also got to re-arrange the tree in order to get all of these decorations on!

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Many thanks for taking the time to visit.

I’ll see you again tomorrow.

J :)

16 thoughts on “Button Wreath Bauble

  1. Hi John that’s so lovely. I bought a little stick tree for my kitchen windowsill, it has little led lights embedded in it, but to cheer it up a bit more I did some of Gina B buttons and have hung them on. Love your idea for the main tree, will try that next year
    Love and Light
    Sioux xx

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  2. Oh John How lovely. I did make a few Christmas cards like this but never thought of turning the idea into a decoration. It’s a really clever idea.
    Love val in Spain x

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  3. Hello john, what a wonderful idea. This has given me an idea to make for each of my grandchildren next year to hang on their trees unlless I get really organised this year, but not sure 5 is possible considering I am still making, cutting and sticking tags for all the presents. So much still to do and so little time lol. Keep up the inspiration please

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  4. Once again another great idea. Thank you. I’m always being told to lessen my button stash – I have 4 big tins full!! Maybe I need to give this a go for next year!
    Happy crafty Christmas.


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  5. Hi John,

    What a sweet little decoration for your lovely tree. I may have to pinch the idea as my button jar runneth over!

    Thanks for sharing this cute little wreath with us all.

    All the best.

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  6. Hi John, that’s just so adorable! You’re giving me so many great ideas for next year. It would be lovely to just have home made adornments for my tree as it’s been bronze and gold for about 4 years now…more than ready for a change. Just think, if I start now I’ll have oodles to put on the tree next year lol. x

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