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My First Christmas Tree

November 30, 2014 — 35 Comments

This may seem odd but I have never actually owned a Christmas tree before this year or had one in my house over the holiday period as I rarely have people over – it’s just been easier for me to visit everyone else.

This year though I wanted to bring Christmas home, and also bring the homemade into Christmas.

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It’s been quite some time since I posted the useful links list on my blog. Since then I have created more posts and more information has become available for Scan N Cut users.

I thought that it would therefore be a good idea if I posted an updated list of links and sources of information for anyone that needs it.

Brother Scan N Cut Offical Links

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A Rosey Book Mark

November 26, 2014 — 8 Comments

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love a good book. I have however noticed recently that I appear to have been collecting them a lot, but not reading them at a pace to match.

Having recently cancelled my TV subscription I decided that it would be a good time to start catching up on those unread works.

This thought of reading always gives me an idea to make a bookmark. On looking through my photographic archives recently I discovered some photos of a book mark that I made using stamps and inks so I thought that I would share this little make with you today.

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A Blossoming Birthday Card

November 23, 2014 — 28 Comments

If you are anything like me then you have birthday’s happening in your family and friend circle all year round.

Sometime, especially towards Christmas, it’s hard to create things outside of the usual Christmassy stuff.

Well, it was my friend’s 50th recently so I decided to make a bright flowery card for her to celebrate with style.

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It was some time ago that I bought a few sets of MDF craft room storage kits from Fernli designs and I meant to blog about them but it totally slipped my mind!

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I was having a play with my paper bead roller the other week and thought that making little Christmas tree decorations from hand rolled paper beads would be a nice change from the usual round baubles so I set to work plotting and playing again.

Here in this post is an overview of how I made them and what they ended up like.

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