Fabric Friday - Debbie Shore - Super Sewist - Debbie Shore

Fabric Friday – Debbie Shore – Super Sewist

It’s rare that I dedicate a post to a person, rather than a technique or discovery, but it would be remiss of me not to dedicate a Fabric Friday post to sewing ace, Debbie Shore.

Debbie and I first worked together when I began producing sewing shows on Ideal World. Since then she has been a driving force in sewing and become one of the UK’s best selling authors in that genre. Her jargon/free style of instruction has been a refreshing change to the sometimes unnecessarily over complicated world of stitchery.

So, when I heard that Debbie had decided to leave her full time role as a TV presenter at Create and Craft to pursue an ambition to take her passion for sewing into a full time venture I thought that I just had to share it with you too!

Debbie’s world of sewing is already growing and can be found in many guises.

On Television

Although renouncing a full time role as a presenter on the channel, Debbie can still be seen regularly demonstrating a range of sewing products and techniques on Create and Craft TV.

– www.createandcraft.tv

In Print

Debbie now has three books published, with another one on the way, which are available via Amazon or your local bookstore (I’ve seen a copies in Waterstones and WHSmiths) –

On E-Book/CD

On The Web

Thimble Lane is an online haberdashery store from which Debbie has recently started selling downloadable patterns for various projects in addition to fabrics and other sewing goodies.

Here are a few examples of the downloadable sewing patterns that she has created.

Cute aren’t they? I may have to give one or two a go myself :)

Debbie also runs a sewing forum where over 1,700 registered users chat and share ideas all about sewing at – www.shortcutstosewing.co.uk; A blog where she showcases her sewing life and gives information on what’s coming up at www.debbieshore.blogspot.co.uk/ and if all of that weren’t enough, Debbie also has a YouTube channel through which she shares lots of projects and ideas at https://www.youtube.com/user/thimblelane

I am also sure that there is more to come!

So, I think you’ll agree that Debbie is making a good go of bringing sewing to the world in a big way however it’s often a scary thing to leave the relative safety of a job in order to pursue a creative dream so I hope that you’ll all pop along and support Debbie in her new life in one way or another.

That just about zips this little bag of sewing closed for this week. I very much appreciate you allowing me to share Debbie’s world with you.

Thank you for reading – see you again next Friday fellow sewists!

J :)

18 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Debbie Shore – Super Sewist

  1. Thanks for sharing this info about Debbie. Have just ordered her book Half a Yard and have watched her demos on YouTube where she has talked me through making bags. Brilliant. I wish her well, she is so inspirational. Thanks John.


  2. Good luck to Debbie I have been watching her you tube videos, she as you are very talented and inspirational. Many thanks to you both.


  3. Thank you for choosing such a worthy subject for today’s post John. Debbie is a hugely talented, inspirational and delightful lady who is much missed by her legion of C and C followers and so deserving of success.



  4. Thankyou for sharing John, I follow Debbie on her blog and have got her Half Yard Heaven book, which contains many projects, also save a lot of her youtube dem’s. Made the mannequin pin cushion for my friend at Christmas with which she was very pleased. Looking forward to the next Friday Fabric blogs that will have accumulated while I’m away x


  5. While I wish Debbie all the best inher new venture I and I am sure everyone else who Debbie has inspired will miss her too. She haste perfect attitude to her passion and her work and whoever follows her. Willneedabig pair of shoes to fill hetspot. I would also like to thank John for his tribute to Debbie, your title is very apt, the gentleman crafter.


  6. thank you for this post John about Debbie. I knew she was super creative but not how many things she has done so whilst we will miss her presenting at least she will be teaching us occasionally.


  7. John what a lovely read, Debbie will be so missed as she is the one person that can sit at a sewing machine on TV and make me believe that I too could be doing what she is demonstrating. I never had heard of feed dogs and that they could be dropped! Her books are so inspirational. Wish Debbie lots of luck in her new venture I for one will be following her.


  8. Thank you for sharing this John. Debbie gave me the confidence to sit at my unused sewing machine & actually make things! I wish debbie much luck in her new adventures & look forward to following her. Debbie & yourself John have so much talent & we are lucky that you share it with us all thank you xxx


  9. What a FABULOUS post John! I’ve spent way too much time looking over Debbies website, gazing at her books and generally telling myself: “Ohhh I’m going to make that!” and: “Wow, I wonder if I could do that?”, and then of course there’s a large smattering of: “Oh, I wish I could do that.” and finally: “I wish I had a sewing room like Debbies!”. I’m filled with want now. Brilliant post – lots of clicks and information, and it’s so chatty too! I felt like I was sat at the kitchen table having a coffee with you, while you told me all about this.

    Thanks for keeping a really lovely blog which is such a pleasure to visit. ~ Cobs.


  10. Debbie makes everything look easy, as well as possible for the beginner. I wish her much good luck in her new venture. Thank you John for clearing the mystery of where Debbie had gone. She will be missed. Lovely Lady.


  11. Sorry to hear that she won’t be presenting any more, I love her sense of humour. However I am glad that she is pursuing her dream Good Luck to her! Anne H.


  12. Good luck Debbie. You are the one responsible for “sewing the seed of interest” in sewing for me last year at the tender age of 59. Since then I cannot believe how I have got on and I love it. Even doing machine embroidery and selling the items I make. I would never have dreamted in a million years I would ever be a sewist. Thank you so so so much. xxxxxx


  13. Thanks for the info John debbie will be missed in the words of my hubby she is very natural bubbly and really knows her stuff good luck debbie for the future x


  14. Good luck to Debbie she really is an inspiration and a good teacher I hope we see some of her designs executed by you John, and well done by sharing your space with Debbie.


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