Lattice Cutting Files For Brother Scan N Cut

Lattice Cutting Files For Brother Scan N Cut

Just a quick post here to share some of the lattice cutting files, for the Brother Scan N Cut machine, that I showed on Create and Craft TV this morning.Here is a quick pic of them.

Lattice Cutting Files For Brother Scan N Cut

The Files

In order to download simply RIGHT CLICK the link (underlined text) or the image and choose SAVE LINK AS… and then choose where you want to save it.

To cut with your Brother Scan N Cut – transfer the file to your machine via a USB stick and use as a normal cutting file.

File 1 – 7 Inch Square Lattice


File 2 – Star Lattice Cutting File 1

lattice star frame 1

File 3 – Star Lattice Cutting File 2

lattice star frame 2

File 4 – Star Lattice Cutting File 3

lattice star frame 3

Feel free to make and sell finished projects with these designs. Please don’t sell or share the file – please just link back to this blog post so that other’s can download for themselves :)

Would love to see what you make if you use them.

Many thanks!

J :)


206 thoughts on “Lattice Cutting Files For Brother Scan N Cut

  1. I had been looking for lattice downloads with no success. Then found this site posted by another SNC fanatic.

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  2. Thank you John for these files. I have yet to use the scan n cut to cut anything this intricate but I am going to try! It beats using/ buying a die. Thanks AGAIN!


  3. Dear Gentleman Crafter, thank you for the most informative and interesting programmes you have produced on Create and Craft TV .I have bought the Scan n’cut but as yet haven’t had a try on it. It is out of the box and attached to my computer.
    I have had bad luck with the Cricut which lies dormant ,and I know this is why I am scared to have a start on the Scan n’ cut.
    I have been really interested in the Scan n’ cut for ages and the 900 is here as a result.I like your teaching method as you explain everything more methodically. No skimming over processes .
    Must wish you a Happy New Year and I look forward to many more Scan n’ Cut episodes.
    Yours sincerely

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  4. Hi John thanks for you winter wishes its great and the lattice files tried doing my own alas it did not work. Will be doing more shopping on your site thanks again

    Joan x


  5. Hi John. I have a Scan And Cut Machine, But I am having trouble using Canvas. Can you please tell me the correct proceedure. Also when Scanning Tattered Lace Dies how do I make sure my Scan and Cut Machine cuts out all the Parts of the Die.


  6. Good day I bought a scancut during last year and don’t utilise it to its fullest. I and totally lost when it come to download of software for svg files. Can you explain that to me. I really want to also do this lays cutting but are so stupid with the machine


  7. Hi John, I’ve only just purchased my scan n cut and am having real problems downloading and saving onto usb the lattice patterns and some on canvas. Is it because I’m using a mac? it says there is no application to support opening the files help I’m lost!!!!


  8. thank you for putting the lattice file on here I downloaded it to the scan n cut canvas with no problems it download great but I still cant do the svg fies into scan n cut canvas for some reason


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