Glass Bead Making With Helen Chalmers - Me Making A Bead

Glass Bead Making With Helen Chalmers

Ok, so you’ve probably heard me waffle on about glass working being a dream of mine. Indeed I’ve shared some dabblings on this blog in the past.

Just recently though I’ve had a right hankering to take it further. So I did!

Here’s a little (and by little I mean goes on forever) post about the best time in my life, ever! You might want to get a comfy seat and a cup of tea (and some ear plugs).

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Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card - (1)

Monday Mash Up 1 – If Friends Were Flowers …

This week I am trying to get another regular weekly blog post on the go. This one will be called the Monday Mash Up.

It’s the Monday Mash Up because it will involve taking all sorts of products and/or techniques and coupling them together to make a finished creation.

This week will feature a card but future weeks are likely to cover the range of creative past-times that I enjoy.

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Fabric Friday 1 - Fabric Bowl 1

Fabric Friday 2 – Simple Fabric Bowls

Welcome to the second post in the Fabric Friday series.

Last week I promised that I would be back each Friday to show you some fabric projects, tips and ideas – yay! I managed two in a row!

Since then I have had a number of you contact me to say that you are new to sewing and need simple to make ideas; some of you also asked for details on how to make the fabric bowls that I showed you last week.

So, Fabric Friday 2 ticks both of those boxes with a walk-through on how I make the fabric bowls.

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Fabric Friday - Handmade Handbags

Fabric Friday – An Update And A Prelude

It has occurred to me that I often prattle on about how much I love working with fabrics but haven’t really shown much of it on this blog.

To rectify this I will be setting down soon and putting together a series of blog posts that will come out every Friday (assuming that I have the time of course).

They will aptly be named – Fabric Friday :)

This one is a little teaser to show you just a few of the things that I have done in the past and what I will be showing you how to do in these posts (oh, and a little update on the upcycled shirt quilt that I have been working on for what seems like forever!).

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