11 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut Project Gallery – 10

  1. Hi
    I am trying to enlarge a project with 20 elements I have downloaded from a svg file. I have successfully loaded it onto my scan n cut but want to enlarge whole project which I have done by grouping it but I can’t find a way of separating it after to cut it out in different colours.
    Can you help?


    • When you use either the weld or unify feature you are presented with a message saying that this method of grouping is irreversible. That’ll be why you can’t do it.

      One way around this is to do the selection process but stopping prior to using one of those options. You should not be able to go into the resizing options in order to adjust and then you can still use each part separately afterwards. Give that a try and see how you get on.

      One other way would be to do the resizing etc in Canvas. This offers a group/ungroup feature.

      J :)


  2. Hi, I am thinkingabout buying a scan and cut machine. Can you tell me if you can print words or pictures onto your cut outs? Thank you


  3. John, I have watched many of your demonstrations of scanncut on tv and was impressed with them so I got the machine. It will cut the built in designs but I can’t get it to cut nice intricate designs that I want–delicate lacy ones nearly as intricate as can be cut with dies but all it does is cut around the outside and when it attempts to do inner fine cutouts it makes a mess of them, and I bought it mostly to do the intricate ones–my 14 days are now almost up so I will have to return it –but I got the impression with the demonstrations that what can be drawn however delicate it will cut it. Sad and disappointed ,is there something I’m missing here? Yvonne


  4. can you help l have just received my scan and cut but when scanning my own decopauge in it does not recognise all the outlines what can l do??


    • This machine works by recognizing contrast. I have been quite careful to explain on air why this may not work for some decoupage designs because of the range of contrast levels across the design. There is an explanation of how the scanning works within your instruction manual and this clarifies that block colours and outlines are better and that graduated colour or areas with lots of different contrast levels may not always be picked up. This section of the manual might give you a better idea of the type of imagery that will work well.

      I have seen some users get good results with some types of decoupage, but it will be a case of testing your designs in order to make sure that they work before cutting.

      You might also like to try the acetate overlay technique which is shown on the Create and Craft TV website on the Brother Scan N Cut page as an alternate method.

      J :)


  5. I have a cameo silhouette can you tell me if this machine is better i am debating on getting it but being a considered purchase i needed to ask somebody that has had dealings with both machines, please if you can answer i would appreciate it,

    thanks in advance


    • Not a question that I can answer for you Linda as this depends on things like your skill level with such technology, what you hope to achieve with a cutting machine and your ability to use a computer.

      Both machines have their plus points but the main difference that I can see between the two is that the Brother machine does not need to be attached to a computer to operate it and has all of it’s standard features built in.

      I hope this helps – but if you would like to know if the machine can do something specific, please feel free to ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.

      J :)


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