Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Featured Image

The Brother Scan N Cut – Coming Soon!

I found out some exciting news a few weeks back and have been sworn to secrecy – until now!

The Brother Scan N Cut is coming soon to Create and Craft TV…

Yup, you heard right. The latest in electronic cutting machines is going to be launching exclusively on Create and Craft TV in January.

The next exciting news that I have to tell you (exciting for me at least) is that I have been lucky enough to be one of only a hand full of people in the country to have been given an evaluation model to play with because Mel Heaton and I will be sharing the pleasure of demonstrating this machine on Create and Craft TV – whoop whoop!

Whilst I haven’t had much opportunity to play with it yet (grrr, stupid life getting in the way) I am a little bit excited (understatement of the year) about the initial tests that I have done.

Anyway, before I get too giddy and carried away I guess that I had better give you a quick overview of what the Brother Scan N Cut is and why I am so excited.

Here’s a quick pick of the machine that I have been using (complete with finger prints from where I have been enthusiastically prodding away).

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - The Machine

In it’s simplest form it is an electronic drawing and cutting machine.

Ok, yes, you have seen other electronic cutting machines before, but there is one key difference.

The Brother Scan N Cut is the first home electronic cutting machine to have a built in 300 DPI scanner. I’ll explain a bit more about that in a mo.

Second, you don’t need either cartridges or a computer to operate this machine. You have 600 built in shapes (a variety of basics, themed, phrases, borders, alphabets and patchwork patterns …

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Built In Shapes

… AND (this is the most exciting thing for me so far) you can also create custom cutting files from your own drawings right in the machine thanks to the built in scanner – no need to connect the machine to a computer or learn complex software.

So blah blah John – what are you blathering on about with this scanning techno babble?

Imagine being able to create custom precision cut toppers from your outline stamps. Well, now you can!

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Direct Scan 2

The machine automatically recognizes where the stamped image is on the card stock, recognizes it’s outline and then cuts it out! And I still haven’t had to boot up the computer.

Ok, that’s good right? Now what about a more complicated design that couldn’t have been predicted – that would be a good test now wouldn’t it?

Remember all of those Inkadinkado Stamping Gear mandala designs that I have been doing? Well, I did the same “Direct Cut” process on one of these and look – it did it!

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Direct Scan

I could have gone on to create custom layers to matt the shape onto but my mind was racing ahead so I needed a lie down. I’ll revisit that in the near future.

This same scanning and cutting feature also gives you the ability to scan and create electronic cutting files from your hand drawn images. Here are a couple of images to show this in operation …

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Hand Drawn Images

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Hand Drawn Images 2

I am yet to test this aspect fully, but it looks impressive – I will report back once I have tried a few more things on this.

The scanning feature opens up many other possibilities as you can scan in and preview the sheet that you want to cut which makes fussy cutting (positioning the shape that you want to cut over a specific area of the page) a breeze.

Still no computer.

In my initial experiements I have been able to cut things from vellum to denim. Below are a few more of the materials that I have tested with this machine (acetate, shrink plastic and modelling plastic sheet).

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Materials

Now, I mentioned that you don’t need a computer and this is correct. The machine operates out of the box via a touch screen which is about the same size as an iPhone 4S screen (comparison shown below).

Brother Scan n Cut Coming Soon - Screen Size Comparison

If however you are computer savvy, you can also create things in design packages such as Serif Craft Artist or My Craft Studio, print them out and then create custom cutting files by scanning it into the Scan N Cut – no complicated conversion software to get to grips with – just design it, print it, scan it and cut it!

Anyway, there is just too much for me to tell you in this blog post so here is a quick video from Brother themselves to give you an idea of what this machine is all about …

There is plenty more to tell and show you so I will be posting more in the near future once I’ve had a good old play – I just wanted to let you in on the great news and give you a heads up.

If you have any initial thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to use the comments section below.

Take care,

J :)

90 thoughts on “The Brother Scan N Cut – Coming Soon!

  1. Hi John I am having difficulty sending a message or Mel could please tell her that the oo gauge model house I sent her she can keep.
    The scan n cut machine is the best machine ever not just for my model making but also for cutting out stamped images for my wife sue hand made card business.
    Thank you ken from Leicester


  2. Hi John. I contacted you about February time to see if the machine can cut plastic that is used for models. You said you sent for some and it arrived as you were going on holiday. Did you get round to testing it/
    thank you


    • This was Plastikard wasn’t it? If so, yes :)
      I have put the recommended settings on the cutting list.
      It only works with some of the thicknesses though.
      J :)


  3. Hi John. I bought my fab BSC from C and C and just LOVE it. So you can guess how horrified I am to find I’ve lost the power lead. Cant seem to find the right page on the Brother website to buy another. Any ideas?
    Regards Pam Glennon


  4. hi John, can you answer a question for me. I got this machine. I mainly bought it for the DirectCut… well, when I scan, it scans exactly whay is on the mat. when I hit ok, only portions show up to cut. Why ?


  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing.
    Tell me do you need to change the cutter very often?
    How do you hold the fabric still while it is cutting, say cotton?


  6. hi john, i have been trying to register my scan n cut on the brother website,but have been unsuccesful.can you tell me please how to go about getting it registered. and i would like to thank you for all the hard work ,you have put in for us to benifit you and mel have done a great job.thanks ..gill


  7. Hi John again:) that was a quick answer to my post. Wish it was that quick to fly to the UK from New Zealand.The felt that you have described sounds like the type I use. At present I use the freezer paper technique and cut shape out with my scissors. So when I saw this machine I was excited to hear it could cut felt however the sales reps were not that successful. Any help would be appreciated.


  8. Hi I am from New Zealand and Brother have just released the scan and cut machine here. Nzd 699. Roughy £350. Today I went to a craft and quilt show where they were demonstrating this machine. I was so excited! I was hoping to cut wool felt with this Machine (not the woven wool felt but the other kind that has a bit of rayon in it) I walked away disappointed as the sales reps were not that great! They were unable to get the machine to cut the felt cleanly. Have you cut wool felt? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tracey


    • If I’m honest I’m not sure of the difference. The type of felt that I have successfully cut is a mixed fibre with more than 50% wool content. If you could email me some more info (brand/shop link etc) I may be able to take a look.
      The felt that I have cut does require a backing of some sort in order to be cut – I have been advised that Reynolds freezer paper would be a good temporary backing but am waiting for some to arrive so that I can test it.
      Hope this helps in the meantime :)


  9. Hi John (again) :)
    Well at long last Ive sussed it out and finally got my scan and cut to the right pressure and blade depth and voila I am now producing my own quilt appliqué cut outs even saved material and bondaweb (yes the english version of heat and bond) by cutting out a snowflake at 1″ perfectly. Im sooooooooo proud of myself lol.
    If you would like a photo i will email it to create and craft. I used bondaweb no starch on cotton polyester fabric turquoise blade depth 5 and pressure at 1. Perfect cuts all the time.
    I have been in sales (selling new houses) for 25 years and gave it up to craft at home. Although I miss the sales and meeting people I am now enjoying craft fairs galore.
    (any jobs going lol).

    Thanks for all the advice on Create & Craft.

    x Chrisi


  10. Sorry John, I have another question.
    Would the ink from the pens stay wet enough after drawing to be sprinkled with embossing powder and be heat embossed? if so what would be the best paper?
    So far I have missed out on the pens and holder and just waiting for them to come back in stock.
    Love and Light


  11. Hi John. I’ve had my Scan N Cut for a few days now and I love it. I have 2 other cutting machines previously bought from Create and Craft, and although they are good, this one is the best. It’s so easy to use. John, I have noticed that on the start up sheet with the blade & pressure advice, the pressure is quite often 0 (zero), and sometimes -1 (minus one). Does this latter one mean there is no pressure at all? or is there still a little pressure. Thanks for bringing this great product to us Love and Light xx


    • The minus figure is more for when you want to kiss cut something like a sticker sheet where you want the machine to cut through the sticky part but not the backing. It’s also good for very thin things like paper.


  12. Hi John,
    I too have purchased the scan n cut from Create and Craft, I can’t wait for it to arrive. My question is, can you connect an external hard drive to the usb connection.


  13. I have purchased the scan n cut from the create and craft. I was just wondering what do you actually get with the machine. I see their are lots of extra bits to buy, but not sure what you get in the box.


  14. Hi John, You mentioned this blog address on Create and Craft but also said that Mel was doing a blog, too. Could I have that address, please, as I’m trying to get as much info as possible on the ScanandCut. Thx. Mandy


  15. Bought this John as I am interested in the fabric cutting element – specifically quilting blocks. My cutting has never been the best so now my quilting shapes will be great and the seam allowance is just amazing. The minute the erasable pens are back in stock I will be stocking up.

    Love brother products. I already own their over locker and a top of the range embroidery machine which is sewing 7 days out of 7 for my eBay shop – this machine will definitely add to my personalised saleable products.

    Love your sample quilts on create and craft

    Elaine, Kilmarnock


  16. Hi John
    I am really interested in buying a brother scanNcut
    I watched your show today and after a while began to realise the possibles with this machine
    So I can stamp any stamp anthem scan it then it will cut around the outline (brill) because they are so tricky to cut by hand even if you do have a good pair of scissors
    Also I would like to know you know when you sometimes get sheets of decophage that’s not been die cut could you also scan and then cut
    Many thanks for reading hope you understand
    Kind regards Janet xxx
    Hope this might sway me to buying one :)))


  17. Hi Paul.
    I am very exited as I have purchased this machine, one reason is I will not have to buy dies or punches to cut out my stamps and as I have just started card making I don’t have many of the standard punches but with all the pre-loaded shapes it won’t be a problem….


  18. On the C&C website, the description of the item and what you get mentions blade holders both standard and deep cut but no mention of any blades. Are these included? I am concerned because the standard blades have sold out! So that we can order additional items that we might need, it would be useful if the website tells us what is NOT included also.

    Fab machine though. Can’t wait to see your demos.


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